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    Default INFJs and your high school experiences

    While it might not come naturally to me, there are the occasional times where I push out the Fe a bit and seem a bit more outgoing than usual. When I was younger, I was a bit more outgoing, although I noticed that there was something different about me in comparison to more extroverted people. Despite the fact that I enjoyed people's company, in parties, I ended up going off in my own corner, or doing my own thing. High school felt like a nightmare though, cos despite the fact I was friendly with others, I didn't feel like I belonged. I felt like I was interacting with one clique to the next, but didn't quite get close with everyone, just a few close friends that shared common values, and even with those friends, I was the quiet one.

    INFJs, have you experienced this kind of thing?


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    ^^Yeah, that sums it up pretty well. I've always been a loner and I've had to develop my "stone face" from quite an early age and it hasn't really bothered me that much, or I've found other things to distract me from being bothered by it. I mostly observed, I didn't feel that I belonged either but people had respect for me (or so I would like to believe and I don't have any evidence to prove otherwise ). I don't consider my high school experience to be a bad one. Going to school was mostly boring and socializing wasn't an exception. They definitely weren't the best years of my life, that's for sure. But I have pleasant feelings when I remember the "old days" and a few friends have stuck with me since high school, so I'm happy about that.

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    I don't think I would describe my high school experience as positive (or even as neutral). It wasn't a good time at all, and I'm not nostalgic about it at all - I might be nostalgic about Youth in general, and some of my extracurriculars at that time (music and dance), but definitely not school and that whole social dynamic. That kind of sucked.

    I wasn't very happy, and it was because I knew I was different and knew I couldn't easily relate to anyone. I was also really introverted and pretty sensitive, with social anxiety to boot. Also the smart girl with some weird hobbies. I didn't draw the high school social scene to me, in other words. Basically I felt like I was behind a glass wall, looking out at everyone but being separate. 100% observer, really. I believe in the end a lot of that was self-perpetuating, but I wasn't really capable of much else at that time, and my perception was one of fear and distrust.

    Anyhow, I was friendly/sweet, but have since learned that people kept their distance *because* I was so quiet. I thought they didn't like me; turns out I was just too quiet. So I pretty much wasn't a part of any clique and only had one close friend, and maybe a few secondary ones which I basically only talked to at school but didn't do anything outside of school.
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