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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebe View Post
    Yes, I understand! I seriously thought I was bipolar at one point. When I feel good, I do crazy-ish things and not care. I feel emotions, don't dwell on it, jump from place to place and feel pretty good, pat myself on the back for experiencing life, tasting life.

    Then when I am in a bad/trampled mood, I mope, I dwell, I sleep all day, get all ... well you know ...

    There are days when I wish I am NT and don't feel these things, but just feel passionate about ideas and inventions and non-human things. I'd like to say that it's better than feeling 'nothing', it's better than being dead. Like when I am happy, I feel very much like a child, I don't think I will ever lose that child-like sparkle and I don't mind that. I hate seeing adults all serious and grumpy all the time. I really take to people who are very energetic and happy.

    But sometimes, it is hard. You don't know what you are going to feel tomorrow even as you try to control your feelings. It's this thing that's alive within you, something you can't control.

    I am learning how to Te-lessen my Fi though and it is very, very helpful. Some things are just negative patterns or learned traits and these need not be kept to be hurtful to us again and again.
    I relate to, and believe in, all of the above.

    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    I can totally relate to all of the above! I really wish other people's moods didn't affect me. I can always sense when the slightest thing is wrong with someone. It can be a very negative experience for me because a lot of the time I wonder if it is something I did to make them mad at me.

    Since I am almost always open with my feelings and hate to get other people in a bad mood, if something is wrong with me, I always assure the other/s around me that it has nothing to do with them and typically go into too much detail about the situation just so they won't worry about it. Sometimes I have to take a step back and remember that not everyone does the same and that is someone has negative energy around me, it doesn't mean it's my fault and they may not be willing or ready to open up to me about it.

    Perhaps it is easier for us to deal with negative energy when someone opens up to us about what is bothering them? Then we can offer solutions to the problems and even if they don't immediately have an effect on their mood, we feel a little better. However, if someone won't tell me what's wrong or ignores me and is obviously mad about something, I think it's probably me. Or if they are sad and won't tell me, I think they don't trust me enough to open up to me. Then I end up feeling even worse on top of adopting their negative energy. Does it all come down to the communication for anyone?

    Your situation is a little different as it is clearly factors outside of yourself that is causing this eldery woman anguish. Maybe you should try to get her to express her feelings to you and you can do what we do best, empathize and inspire her to look at other possibilites and the brighter side of life. Get super deep with her!

    FYI- The tend to couple thing, totally do the same! When I used to be a bartender everyone would hang out after work and talk. There would be about 15 of us that would have a couple beers for an hour or so after the bar closed. There were was one ENF* I would always flock to bulid our social circle of 4-5 others to talk wiht because I felt comfortable being my trueself around her. Also, if she was off, there were a couple others that I would always try to sit by because I felt OK tellling them my deeper thoughts about life.

    Also, at family functions, I always couple with my mom because she listens to all my crazy analyzations and enjoys helping me explore life possiblities.

    Lastly, had an inseperable BFF through high school and college. If by rare chance we weren't together, people would ask where my other half was. She moved for grad school after I got back from studying abroad and ended up getting engaged in another state which is sad Thinking about it, her upbeat, positive energy is probably what kept us together so long. She's an ESTJ. She was barely ever stressed, in a bad mood or expended negative energy. We may be slowly drifting apart though because I don't know if she will get my inevitable turn to hippie/priority to help others regardless of my financial situation and ESTJ's are generally about presitge. We were the fun loving, partying, sociable, yet put together sorority girls but my priorities have changed... No longer need (or trying to at least) to fit in with everyone and gain the approval of the masses.. I think that's a different story though. Sorry about the tangent!
    What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.

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