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    I tend to see E/I partially about where one's comfort level lies. Most people can think of social situations in which they'd feel uncomfortable and therefore might not say much. I think introverts tend to hit that point with fewer people (especially people we don't know well).

    I think I come across as gregarious when interacting with a small group of people I know well. However, put me in a room with people I don't know, and I become a withdrawn observer. I think an extreme extravert might never hit that point unless placed in a completely foreign social context.

    One of the more convincing bits of evidence for their being dichotomies comes from a study (MBTI Manual, 1998, p188) in which they plotted faculty rating of gregariousness vs E/I scores. There is a large gap right at the E to I cross-over where gregarious drops suddenly (although more extreme introverts are rated as less gregarious still).

    And, like many INFPs, I don't consider myself particularly "emo," nor do I spew emotions publicly. I do feel strongly about some things, but I only share those feelings with those I trust. Often I don't share my "growing edge" of exploration/interest much at all, since I feel particularly vulnerable in that area. What I share is often what I've already settled internally.

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    I think all of the characteristics are far too boxed in. A person can be opinionated and outspoken and still be drained by interaction with other people and gain energy from their own inner world. Likewise, someone who NEVER WANTS TO BE ALONE can seem quiet at times when surrounded by people. The first person is still an introvert. The second person is still an extrovert.

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