I love the fact that I can talk to people from all walks of life and can make almost anybody open up to me. I really like people and I think it kind of radiates from me - most people respond positively and it's easy for me to gain others trust. I can easily connect with people and understand them and - very often - make them feel good. I've been told that when I smile I 'light up' the whole room

I realy like that I'm very tolerant and liberal minded and I accept people just as they are. I easily distinguish people's emotions and I can easily 'read between the lines' when people talk. It's easy for me to see what people feel or think when I interact with them (it really helps me in my work ).

And I like that I'm very sensitive to beauty and can see it almost everywhere.

It's not easy being an ENFJ but it's challenging and never boring and I like that too