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    Quote Originally Posted by CocoB View Post
    I Know exaclty what you are talking about!!! I am an ENFJ, and when something goes WRONG or is not working out the way i had hoped or wished... i tend to lose myself in that situation. It is all that i will think about for quite sometime..... i'll talk about it and trying to come up with a solution. Yes, it can become a bit obsessive. I think it's the problem being their with no solution that bothers me... It's not the lose of control that bother's ENFJ's.... It's the thought of the negativity in the situation and the disappoint that may come with it, from other's as well as ourselves. But that's just my opinion : )
    Whenever I get lost in anxiety and cant sleep, I try to psych myself out by reading positive quotes. It usually helps .

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    I am an INFJ, but I over obsess all the time. It happens especially in regards to people and relationships. I have to think and think about something until it makes complete sense to me.

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    Indeed. I am SO obsessive...with everything. Especially in relationships, but also school, work, my passions, my family and friends. The problem is that I get very attached to things very easily, and it becomes extremely difficult for me to let go. I develop a goal in my mind, a perception of the way things are supposed to be, and I become so dedicated that if it doesn't work out, I go nuts.

    Being an ENFJ is very difficult in that respect. I have a hard time taking risks and moving on. It's so hard for me to just make a new plan. To me it's as if I've lost everything.

    Werd. My Ni-Ti axis can get OUT OF CONTROL. Things *must* make sense. I'll tear something absolutely limb from limb, dissect it down to atoms, make a million computations, replay "video" footage, just totally pull it to pieces in my head to extract every last detail in order to understand what happened. On a good day, this sort of thing serves me very well. On a bad day, it takes me hostage.
    Amen to that. Sometimes, even when I think I have finally found an answer, something ELSE occurs to me the next day and then the process starts all over again. Sometimes I think the desperate need for an answer, a reason, is enough to drive me into insanity, haha.

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