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    I have a lot of opposite sex friends but they aren't old flames and I'm not trying to flirt with them or anything.

    But I do have a lot of female friends and it doesn't seem like an issue at all.

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    I have 1 ex boyfriend who has tried to be friends with me for several years. I don't want to be friends with him because when I ended the relationship I also wanted to end the friendship. And every time we talk feelings rush back just as fresh as if it were 6 years ago. He's the only person I've had such a strong connection with, almost psychic and he feels the same way. Perceiving this as unhealthy I decided to really cut ties with him. But as far as the men who I've casually dated who broke things off with me, I feel absolutely rejected unless they want to remain friends.

    And as far as friends of the opposite sex??? Even though I do have more male friends than female friends, my male friends consist of men I've previously dated or potentials. So if we are not dating we are definitely flirting.

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