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thanks all for the responses (keep them coming!)

What I'm getting so far is a lot of "maybe he's not the right guy to fulfill your #1 needs" and a fair share of "when you do find a guy who fulfills your #1 needs, you should quit staring into the sky for something else" and while my young/brazen-go-get-it-won't-settle-for-less is not particularly happy with that thought, I can't say I disagree.

As for constant super-charged emotional currency, I have met a few guys with whom I have felt passion/romance/intrigue every.single.minute of our interaction. Never got a chance to pursue anything further due to factors like distance and just plain wrong timing, but they remain good friends and I occasionally go for the weekend visit. It's great for a few days, but I do suspect that over a longer period it would be quite taxing.

I'm not sure if I've ever found somebody with whom I can communicate enough to feel fully understood. Maybe I need to find another INFJ? But they are oh-so-rare. Especially when you work in science.
Don't over think this. If you live your life you will find what you need.