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Thread: What is Ne?

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    A window to the soul

    Question What is Ne?

    What does it mean In simple terms.

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    Ne starts here

    and ends up here

    It takes in available information to get a solution starting with what is known and adding best fitting assumptions to fill the blanks then it remains open to new information and a shifting solution, it's never finished, as new details present themselves the assumptions are replaced with known information and new assumptions about the left over gaps are used to come up with a new solution reverse and repeat ad nauseum.

    Check here for better examples of Ne v Ni.
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    A window to the soul


    Thanks for the link; interesting thread, but lots of varying opinions.

    I'm even more confused now. I can equally relate to all functions by definition: Ne, Ni, Se, Si. I don't want to insult any experts in this field, but surely there's a simpler way... this all seems like a stretch to try and pinpoint someone because for me, usage of Ne, Ni, Se, Si varies from moment to moment. Examples,...

    • If I'm buying a car, I'm ISTP,
    • If I'm programming, I'm INTP,
    • If I'm dealing with people I'm INFP,
    • If I'm bored I'm INTP and ISTP: I dream up something fun, but I don't waste any time sitting around like an INFP/INTP either, I go out and do it because plans look good on paper, but they're even better (executed) in real life.
    How can a test say I'm INFP eveytime I take it. Perhaps INFP is the person I wish I could be and the test results are a product of some hidden agenda deep in the recesses of my mind. See, here I theorize theory or am I really being realistic? hmm...

    Nonetheless, Fe, Fi, Se, Si... it's all nothing more than theory. Theory that is not fool proof.... there are too many variables... too many exceptions.

    The only thing I can't relate to at all is 'J'.
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    Ne: readin between the lines until you get in between lines in another world far from the previous line you previously read in the between area of. All the stopping points are connected in a way, no matter how obscurely and random the way to the next connection is.
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    Heck if I know...after learning more about Ni I realize that a lot of the time when I thought it was Ne that I was using - it was Ni. The whole 'mystical mumbo jumbo' angle of it in cognitive functions test turned me off from it and I didn't understand what it meant.

    Apparently, Ne will have you going and going and going and following a clue or statement or tangent ad infinitum until it's somewhere WAAAAAAAY different. Have you spoken to people who seem to jump and jump in conversation and you don't the connection? People have told me that and they'll even ask me why I suddenly brought up a story or topic. But to me, it's very apparent why it's related because something reminded me of something which reminds me of something, etc. Except that Ne is extrapolation?

    Ni is integrative...or something.


    Now I feel all special and magical though now that I know that I actually use Ni which is special and magical.
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    Here's my stab at it

    If you think in terms of invention, Ne is evolutionary whereas Ni is revolutionary.

    Ne takes existing technologies and explores ways of putting them together or improving them to solve existing problems.

    Ni on the other hand takes a leap and sees what alternatives there are to the existing technologies and/or how existing technologies can be used to solve 'future' problems.
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    Ne picks up on patterns, expands on them, and comes up with a multitude of ideas based upon one thing. It may see multiple potential outcomes to a given scenario and it's a matter of narrowing it down to the most likely outcome. Ni is about one idea, focus on one thing, very future oriented take multiple bits of information and condensing it into one though. Ne first can be very rapidfire with it's associations while ne second or developed tertiary ne may take a little longer.

    On the other hand, ne is more coming up with a bunch of different concepts and ideas based on one thing.

    Ni and ne are both about association, connecting ideas in an abstract sort of way, but ne is more expansive and scattered. Ne is also about association, seemingly jumping from one idea to another. To a ne-user, there is a rhyme and reason how those things are connected and it can be explained. To an outsider, it may seem completely random without getting from point A to point B being explained.
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    Ne is the immediate reaction to and expansion of possibilities that were not previously apparent.
    Pe reacts in the moment in an expansive manner.
    Se is similar but not abstract and has immediate practical application.
    Se is the combination of the dirt, the seed, the rain, and the sun, and Ne is the tree before it exists and the fruit that becomes of it.
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