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I'm in a necromancing mood tonight, apologies. Did you get any further to reaching an idyllic life if I may ask and do you still see the progress towards that goal as fun? I wonder whether my life would be more idyllic five or six years from now as it's more or less the same as it was in 2007. However the difference is that I myself no longer see progress fun so much.

Anyhow to answer the title question I do not think my life is idyllic. I don't think I have a true capacity to ever be satisfied with it. I only hope that when I die I do not die thinking life for me has been a failure. I would need to feel my life has been as fulfilled as it could be or I would need to be completely apathetic about the subject and thus an imperfect, unfulfilled life becomes a non-issue. So far I have yet to achieve either but perhaps there is still time.
I have reached the idyllic life, but I still have aspirations. Great ones, now that I have the experience to know what is possible given what I have achieved (however humble).