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I know for one that once an INFJ starts nagging excessively to you, it's surely a sign that that person had done something prior to upset us (usually criticism, constructive or not)--yet we didn't want to reveal it directly but decided to pick every minor thing which we can think of--to irk you (which is something I'm trying hard to fix it).

Side-question to ENFPs: Please do not take it personally, I just happened to notice that most ENFPs has the same tendency of a need to release their disappointment through criticism, yet I found most would rather complain it to their close patriots, instead of venting it out directly to the same person. I've seen in numerous occasions where ENFPs show their frustrations on others with their close and most trusted friends.

What do you think, my fellow ENFPs?
Yes, I can agree that I do this at times, and two other ENFP's I know irl have this tendency. Everyone has their downside, and I can honestly say that while I do criticize (and it's not just to close friends and family, I can even be very critical right to ones face if I'm pushed enough) it is always something i feel very bad about when emotions have cooled. Even if my criticisms are spot on, I almost always feel terrible about it and re examine a better way to have delt with it.

I was in a long relation with an INFJ, and one of my best friends is INFJ. I don't relate so much to the OP, if I had to give one issue that has gotten me in trouble with my INFJ's, its an inability to understand why they have had to be so serious or "heavy" alot of the time. I've also noticed that when I try to shake this, or lighten it up, they can tend to feel attacked by it.. and will sometimes twist it into me being shallow, unconcerned, and not understanding the longevity of the problem. At those times I just want to scream "NO, I get it! I really do... I also get that life is too short to spend worrying and wallowing. Snap the fuck out of it man!"