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View Poll Results: How often do you "fake" your external feelings to persuade others?

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    I can't fake emotions. I can't fake cry. Like marm when I waited tables I was pleasent. I would sometimes try and force happiness, but that faked expression is very draining-it isn't real.

    But when happy I am happy, when sad - am sad. I know these emotions may be tumultous at times-but there is something very innately "wrong" about using emotions to gain for me.

    Instead I will be overly logical and detached and make requests at arms length.

    Now do I try and make others happy? Somedays I just MAKE others happy by being around them. I smile and say crazy zany things to make them laugh and then the happiness sort of becomes addictive.

    But not with the endgoal of gain although maybe by making them happier they become better team players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craft View Post

    Hm, this is difficult. Would it be comfortable for you to "fake" cry in front of a person? Would it be easy to notice that it isn't your true emotions?
    It's not difficult at all. Lots of people are stage actors, musical performers, exotic dancers, waiters and sales people.

    However, I can't and won't fake cry. That's just lame.

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    Thank you everyone.

    I have decided to trust my cousin.

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    I think it just depends on what you wanna get out of the situation, honestly Pretty much what everyone has been saying. If you fake your feelings to "test" others and to gauge who they are, that can be toxic. We are measuring people, and at the same time being measured by others. So personally, I wouldn't risk giving off a false face of myself just for the sake of seeing different angles of someone's personality. If I ever fake my feelings, its to avoid explaining the real ones and drawing attention to whatever is happening in my head, that automatically showcases itself on my face Ex. Being hurt by someone publicly or being uncomfortable in a situation,
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