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    Interesting post to consider for a few days? The prevailing thought in my "T"hinking head was that I'll leave this world almost exactly how I came into it.

    Butt assed naked and crying like a bitch!

    If I manage to pee on something on my way out...that's even better!

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    So what if you're recognized or not? Carve your name in the books.. or you increase or decrease the state of knowledge. You'd have to get really high on the metanarrative of "human progress" to inhale that one.
    I can't give you anything more than my own personal take on this.
    Life is meaningless and confusing for the individual, and a story of success and certainty for the collective. Just think of all the experience and knowledge our race has collected so far. We continue our progress based on all these tiny bits of data - individuals die, the collectivity remains. You may ask about the direction of this "progress"; well, since the only certainty in life is uncertainty in everything, we have to set goals for ourselves, and the most meaningful endavor for the fragile individual is to add to the great goals of the collectivity. The only common thing in different cultures and communities is the desire to find an explanation to the questions haunting us in many different ways, like mythology or the scientific method.

    It's not only a utopian concept btw, I think it would have practical value too, among others.

    Knowledge for what? and for whom? Those ghosts that meander in and out of your life? Or was it for the comfort of humanity's next generation? ie future ghosts that will inhabit the illusion in a few years?
    Knowledge for the future of which we can never be certain. What if we could reach a level of global consciousness in the future? No more ghosts, generations or illusions? It's only an example of course, but how can you possibly be sure? I think we should continue our work not for people we love or our descendants, but for our personal contribution in a possibility of a future wholeness. If you are remembered as one of the people who pushed humanity one step closer to a more desirable state, that is something worth living for. And considering the amazing progress we've achieved from a simple notched flint to the Large Hadron Collider, I'm pretty optimistic. It's simply illogical to presume that something we didn't manage to change before can not ever be changed, epsecially since our species is young and we know so little about the world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    The saddest, yet it is the only game in town.
    Which means it's not sad at all

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