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    I wish I could claim credit for it, but alas, I cannot. I do like to stand next to it though and look very smart by association.
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    Let's see:

    My ENFP husband says he can NEVER get away with anything because I see/hear/smell/taste/feel every little detail of my environment. For instance, when he used to smoke(or was supposed to be quitting), he would walk into the room and the second I was within 5 feet, I ask, "So how many cigarettes have you smoked today?" He thought he was being sly... haha! Then we take a trip to get food in his car, I see a receipt in his drink holder. It's yellow. I don't even look at it, but I know... I ask, "So what kind of amp did you put on layaway this time?"

    When it comes to acting out impulses, I tend to throw things. I'm mad about something, I throw down whatever is in my hand. If I'm in my car, I blow my horn as long as it take to feel better. But it also has good aspects... whenever I see a hybrid rose bush, I MUST stop and smell until I can't anymore. If I hear Say Anything - Alive with the Glory of Love on Pandora, I must find my husband and screw his brains out that second.

    I hope I'm accurately describing my Se function... I sure tried.

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