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    Yeah I very much forget to stay in touch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurel View Post
    Yeah I very much forget to stay in touch.
    this too

    it irks some of my friends, but, you know, that's the way I am.. and it doesn't irk everybody, so that makes it automatically okay!

    I used to feel guilty about it, but, well, ain't no point to that

    Also: all of my current friends (family excluded) are people I've met within the past 5 years, and most of those are people I've met within the past year and a half or so.

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    Closest friends forever. When friendship gets to a certain point it seems to come above the things that could destroy it. You've known them long enough and been through enough that the volatility is gone. New friends can come and go before they reach this stage. I don't have many falling outs, with most we just drift apart. The long term friends go away but you just pick up where you left off when they come back.

    So to make sense of that, I have a close circle of friends who will probably always be there and I have new friends who may or may not be around a long time. Like many other ENFPs I forget to stay in touch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkavia View Post
    How often does your friend circle change? Acquaintances and friends may change all the time but how often do your FRIENDS change. The ones who are close to you. How long does your best friend stay with you?

    Why do they change? Do you get bored? Does it happen naturally?

    Do you grow apart naturally? or is it from conflict?

    EDIT: I will talk about myself later but I want to get other people's experience first. I dont with this to just focus on my situation.

    Oh and new question: If you find someone who you connect with and you two become extremely close. Do they move up on a "list"? (Which means everyone else moves down?) Be honest no judging here I promise
    I hang out with the same 2 people I've hung out with since elementary school. Everyone else bores me fairly quickly. (and scares me a little...)

    Now about my friends: one is ISTJ, the other INFP. I grew apart from the INFP sometime during high school because I saw her as weak in areas that she shouldn't have been. She currently lives 3000 miles away. While the ISTJ and I had been friends since elementary school, we only really got close my senior year of college, and she's really my prima bff.


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    It's not so much how long I keep my friend CIRCLE, it's how long I keep my FRIENDS. If I really, really enjoy someone, and I care about them deeply, I may never want to get rid of them. However, if a friend betrays me and/or hurts me DEEPLY, I will get rid of them. How hard it is to do depends on how close they were. I've stopped talking to a friend of 9 years completely because she did something unthinkable to me. Yep. Also, things just happen. Sometimes you make 'friends' that are really just fun acquaintances, and they fade away after a while. Aand I'm really tired right now and I'd write a mini-conclusion, but mehh.

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