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    Quote Originally Posted by boondocked View Post
    But eh, I love introverted men. They talk with their eyes. Not hips, not lips, eyes.
    So have you just never experienced this with an extroverted man or are you saying that you think they're incapable of it?

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    I'm sure extroverted men are capable of it. Extroverted women too. I mean, I like to think that if I wanted to, I could maintain an eyeballs-only conversation.

    That said, I don't often choose to talk this way, and everything I've got to say comes out my mouth instead. This has been my experience with extroverted boyfriends as well, with the exception of an ESTP (he knew how to say things with his body...pretty enviable).

    And yeah, I've experienced this silent communication thing with extroverted men too, just much more infrequently. It's not exactly a defining trait of extrovert-extrovert relationships.

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    I must be pursued. I'm to shy, awkward & just not interested in pursuing.
    I don't date that much because of it. The most I've dated is when I passively put myself "out there", such as with online dating.

    Quote Originally Posted by RedruM View Post
    speaking for myself and the ENFJs that I know, we are the pickiest bastards around… (Definitely too picky in most cases) Even the slightest little action or comment can turn us off. We will definitely start a conversation with anyone, but further than that we are extremely picky.
    Isn't that the truth....
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