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    ENFJ: Meaningful conversations with her are always the most enriching. She is quite popular at school though, so I find it very difficult to be around her when she's surrounded by her passe. It's like when people talk to me I somehow bring out a different side to them. I only like my friends one on one because of that. Otherwise, her personality is the complete opposite of the type of people I'm most comfortable with.

    My childhood bestie was an ESFP and before we drifted apart, I was surprised she felt she could be most herself around me. We still live across the road from each other though, and with regards to phoenix13's last post, I remember coming over on a saturday sometimes to help her with her chores! I never did mine though. She actually hits it off even better now with the ENFJ. They are both two of the most endearing people I've ever met.

    ISFJ: This girl is compassionate, intelligent, and always loyal to the bitter end. I remember being bullied together...good times...
    I can really relate to her in the sense that the majority of kids we were surrounded by never took anything seriously, and we both really cared beneath the cold exterior. *One of most trustworthy people I know.

    Mmhmm, I'm very lucky to have found two people I *click* with so early on in life!

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    So I definitely love INFJs, but I think it's a function of my desire to analyze, challenge, and clarify. I'm not sure. I'll discuss this more on my blog.

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    Two of my closest friends are an INTP and an ENTP... so definitely NTPs are brilliant! I click with them the way I rarely do with anyone else!

    I also have two good friends which are ISTJs, so for some reason we seem to get along well, too. We compliment each other.
    Extraversion (52%) ---- Introversion (48%)
    Sensing (26%) ---- iNtuition (74%)
    Thinking (16%) ---- Feeling (84%)
    Judging (5%) ---- Perceiving (95%)

    9w1 so/sx/sp

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    I'm not an NF, but I'm bored, so I'll answer.
    I get very well along with my ENFP sister and fairly well with my xNFP sister.
    An acquaintance that the later couple of weeks started to evolving in a more close friendship is very likely to be an ISTP. Another friend, I cannot decide if they are ESTJ or ENTJ, but as for lately I came to believe they're more likely to be ENTJ.
    On the whole, I tend to get along far better with Ps than with Js and slightly better with Ts than Fs. I cannot decide between Ns and Ss regarding friendship, but it's quite more probable I'll like an SP guy than an NP.
    Online, pretty much the same, better communication with Ps, and more likely to enjoy interaction with xNTPs than other types.

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    Most of my friends are of the NT/NF type, and surprisingly I don't seem to get along as well with INFPs as I do with the other NT/NF types, evebn though I'm an INFP myself.

    I get along best with NT/NFs though.

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    damn i wish i had a better sample size.

    in general, i'll say i get along with N's more so than S's. SP's are fine but SJ's pretty much all drive me up the wall if it's anything more than general chit chat. they're great when they choose to let their hair down, but that's not an everyday occurrence.

    my best friends in life happen to be these types: ISFP, ENFJ and ESFP. i don't know if it's necessarily a type thing though, it's just that they know me. fun loving bunch though (both according to MBTI and real life).

    i get along with P types in general well too, though there needs to be a certain degree of maturity. by maturity i don't mean not watching cartoons or whatever, that's just being childlike. i do that too. what i mean is that they can't be selfish bastards that can't see beyond getting drunk or whatever.

    for me to have a nice, deep convo with someone, they either need to know me quite well or probably be an N. i'm not trying to bag S's, it's just that N types are more interested in theory and such. XNTP's and i have great conversations.

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