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Thread: NF Manual

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    Default NF Manual

    Oh, we NFs are sooo misunderstood!!!
    Nobody ever seems to understand us!!!
    So why don't we all make manuals about how we work and how to treat us?

    Turning on [name]:
    Turning off [name]:
    Important safety instructions:
    Experiencing discomfort:
    Never place [name] near:
    Resetting [name]:
    Making a place [name] friendly:
    If [name]'s battery is low:
    Connecting with [name]:
    Never expose [name] to:
    Other instructions:
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    *takes notes*

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    Type: you know
    Bloodtype: B?
    Allergies: pollen
    Diseases: none
    Needs: food, water, bafroom time
    Turning on [name]: groping
    Turning off [name]: glaring ...(actually maybe that is also a turn on)
    Important safety instructions: don't expect me to understand driving directions
    Experiencing discomfort: when...
    Never place [name] near: team sports
    Resetting [name]: pen in navel?
    Making a place [name] friendly: get off my lawn
    If [name]'s battery is low: leave me alone
    Traumas: none
    Connecting with [name]: default connection methods
    Never expose [name] to: UV
    Other instructions: get off my lawn

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    Type: INFJ
    Bloodtype: O+
    Allergies: Lies, deceit, dishonesty
    Diseases: Prone to get a broken heart when pressured too much
    Needs: Peace, warmth, acceptance, good intentions, fun and humour
    Turning on Sky: It's all in the eyes
    Turning off Sky: It's all in the eyes
    Important safety instructions: Handle with care
    Experiencing discomfort: In the spotlight
    Never place Sky near: Lots of loud and obnoxious people
    Resetting Sky: Offer orange juice, warm blanket and a fluffy pillow
    Making a place Sky friendly: Warmth, lots of light, good "vibe", good music, good mood, you and me
    If Sky's battery is low: Do not poke
    Traumas: Best not to poke around in the trauma section
    Connecting with Sky: Humour will get you started
    Never expose Sky to: Cruelty
    Other instructions: No over the top surprises!

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    Type: ENFP
    Bloodtype: idk. red
    Allergies: the spring.
    Diseases: does asthma count? and I had scarlet fever as a child lol.
    Needs: cuddles, affection, appreciation, love, adventure.
    Turning on [Gigi]: excitement, being adored, more adventure
    Turning off [Gigi]: boredom. not feeling loved. insensitivity
    Important safety instructions: I cry if people yell at me. and freeze up. no yelling pwease
    Experiencing discomfort: being ignored
    Never place [Gigi] near: anywhere I'm alone.
    Resetting [Gigi]: hot chocolate, compliments, kisses
    Making a place [Gigi] friendly: music, friends, excitement, happiness
    If [Gigi]'s battery is low: give her caffeine and cuddles
    Traumas:bad taste in past relationship
    Connecting with [Gigi]: say something that MEANS something. anything.
    Never expose [Gigi] to: Wisconsin. or spiders. or meanness.
    Other instructions: be gentle. but not boring.

    I live my life for the stars that shine & people say its just a waste of time- Oasis

    Extroverted (E) 65.63% Introverted (I) 34.38%
    Intuitive (N) 89.31% Sensing (S) 10.69%
    Feeling (F) 74.29% Thinking (T) 25.71%
    Perceiving (P) 74.19% Judging (J) 25.81%


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    Type: ENFP (I'm proud to say I finally know after a lot of effort and help from others!)

    Bloodtype: A-

    Allergies: dust, if it's excessive

    Diseases: nope!

    Needs: other than basic needs (food, water, a roof over my head, some comfy clothes, and exercise) I'd say I need (and have) a good husband I can trust who loves me, Bun-Bun (my faithful companion of 30 years) and a good job with a decent income that challenges me mentally and helps me develop; a growing mind and a developing soul

    Turn ons: truthfulness/honesty, intelligence/competency, wisdom, justice and compassion, an eye for detail (because I completely lack this skill), coolness mixed with caring, oh, lots of things....

    Turn offs: lying, violence, being a dumb ass in a negative way (not a funny way), and being intelligent but LOOKING like you're a dumb ass (wtf?)

    Important safety instructions: Don't lie to me! Don't force me to do something I do not feel comfy doing, or I will get very pissed off! If I don't want to do something, explain your rationale behind it, and I might consider it. Lift me up: don't pull me down. Be there for me, but don't condescend or be oppressive. Yeah, the rest I can do myself (entertainment, money, other shit), and I'll be sure to do the same for you.

    Experiencing discomfort: Basically already covered that.

    Never place me near: behind the wheel of a car. Bad idea. No cars. Unless you want to die along with me.

    Resetting me: WTF does that mean? (Oh, now I get it - I can reset myself! But usually sauna, ice cream in the summer, chocolate in the winter, love/hugs/making love/kisses, and leaving me the fuck alone for a second!!!!!!)

    Making a place friendly: Who gives a rat's ass? I'll fix it myself and keep it nice (and spartan!).

    If my battery is low: Give me some time to myself to regroup, and I'll come back happy as ever.

    Traumas: *back trauma* (exploded disc/back OP in 2007) So please don't ask me to lift anything too heavy; Yes, sure I've seen death and violence and hardship, but so has everyone. I've dealt with it; it's made me stronger - the end. The back thing still applies, though.

    Connecting with me: Challenge me with some interesting topics; help me learn new things while being interested in some of my interests; have your OWN interests though, so I can learn new stuff; share your thoughts and feelings when you feel comfy (don't make me fucking guess, man, I ain't a fortune teller); be passionate/interested in something and be able to discuss it with me

    Never expose me to: UH? Drugs? Violence? Lying? Being a lousy bastard on a perma-basis?

    Other instructions: BE YOURSELF!!!!!! (If I like you, I'll like you; if I don't like you, oh well, it ain't the end of the world).

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    ENFj None


    Type: ENFJ
    Bloodtype: N/A. Blood doesn't circulate through my system. I run on warm fuzzy feelings and liquid love.
    Allergies: Dog saliva, Pollen, ISTJs
    Diseases: None
    Needs: Yum yums & tasties, social interaction, an online journal, and Indie-Chick music.
    Turning on [Unkind]: Blunt honesty, playful opposition, humor, and kisses.
    Turning off [Unkind]: Devaluing, cockiness, being a vagina, and intimate disconnect.
    Important safety instructions: If you want to live, don't push all my buttons like a kid on an elevator. Utilize a degree of respect, even when playing. If i open up to you, recognize it's important/rare or that it will never be seen again if you don't.
    Experiencing discomfort: When being judged incorrectly, not given any hint of closure, or in emotionally opening up to anyone.
    Never place [Unkind] near:spiders or the ledges/balconies of tall buildings. Malfunctions will occur.
    Resetting [Unkind]: A reassuring male friend, a Zumba class, or Ben & Jerry's S'mores ice cream.
    Making a place [Unkind] friendly: Lack of drama, hoards of good music, a group of interesting and not easily offended people.
    If [Unkind]'s battery is low: Suggest dancing for a quick recharge. Otherwise, call in her ENFP reinforcement.
    Traumas: Abandonment issues, trust issues, manipulation issues, and women issues.
    Connecting with [Unkind]: Empathize and reassure. If you understand, tell me. If you want to understand, ask me. The more you can handle, the closer you can get.
    Never expose [Unkind] to: NTJ-Text-Walls
    Other instructions: I'm long-winded, express in metaphor, and am abrasive. Remember that.
    Hang on traveling woman - Don't sacrifice your plan
    Cause it will come back to you - Before you lose it on the man

    .:: DWTWD ::.

    There is this thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked - It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance

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    Type: INFJ
    Bloodtype: AB+
    Allergies: Had a pet dander allergy as a kid.
    Diseases: I have a couple of "disorders" that aren't that big of a deal
    Needs: ALONE TIME, creative expression time, music, someone who can "get" me or at least pretend to from time to time
    Turning on [scortia]: Personal growth, epiphanies, aspiration, nature, honesty
    Turning off [scortia]: Excessive praise, narrow-mindedness, biggotry, judgmental attitudes, abuse of those without a voice, denial of obvious truths, stagnation
    Important safety instructions: Do not assume anything. Give plenty of space. Sounds more intelligent when mouth is closed and hand is on paper.
    Experiencing discomfort: Said before. When I'm being praised excessively... or when around numerous people I don't know well. Stuck in a position where people are spewing out utter stupidity but I can't speak my mind.
    Never place [scortia] near: Rotting things or maggots. Gross. Snakes, spiders, roaches... I can pick any of those up and I'm fine,... but rotting things EWW.
    Resetting [scortia]: A few days to myself with minimal talking to anyone. Or, going out with a few close friends. Painting, playing piano, writing, gardening all help too.
    Making a place [scortia] friendly: Don't make it pompous and "expensive" or too minimalist. Have some eccentric things, natural light, some good books, some art, and I'm awesome. Have a small SMALL spot for me to curl into.
    If [scortia]'s battery is low: 8+ hours of sleep. It's so rare.
    Traumas: Panic attacks and hypochondria thanks to bad childhood experiences with health. Encourages travel anxiety as well. Prone to end friendships quickly if the other party doesn't get their shit together because I've been burnt badly by bad friends who were purely selfish users. Sat around in bad situations hoping for the best for way too long, never again.
    Connecting with [scortia]: Be interesting, have YOUR OWN thoughts and beliefs... be a genuinely good person. WIT is essential.
    Never expose [scortia] to: the majority of religious groups
    Other instructions: Scortia is a creature of balance. She favors both ends of the spectrum in many situations and cannot resolve that one or the other is the best.

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    4w5 sp/sx
    IEI Ni


    Type: INFP
    Bloodtype: Romanticist
    Allergies: obnoxious, arrogant &/or unreasonable people
    Diseases: Idealism
    Needs: love, spirituality, autonomy, creativity, stimulation for the mind, time alone
    Turning on OrangeAppled: kindness, integrity, humor, creativity, intelligence...good looks
    Turning off OrangeAppled: obnoxiousness, arrogance, dishonesty, dullness...
    Important safety instructions: Be careful not to trip wires. Do not attempt to upload a large amount of factual data at once. Do not attempt to use for too many practical purposes. Be prepared for the screensaver to go on often.
    Experiencing discomfort: large groups of people I'm expected to socialize with, job interviews, hugging people I don't know well, first dates, second dates, third dates...
    Never place OrangeAppled near: bratty children, a group of SFJs gossiping, giggly teens, meanies
    Resetting OrangeAppled: A cup of coffee, some soothing music, alone time or a non-judgmental ear
    Making a place OrangeAppled friendly: aesthetically appealing, physically comfortable, warm (literally), laid-back, confrontation-free, great music, open to new ideas
    If OrangeAppled's battery is low: Leave alone for several hours to recharge. Do not attempt conversation. FEED FOOD.
    Traumas: your garden variety "my parents got divorced & I was a shy child" bit.
    Connecting with OrangeAppled: Skip the small talk. Talk about things of an intellectual nature or go ahead tell me your life problems (you know you wanna).
    Never expose OrangeAppled to: any kind of danceclub where people "grind", drug use, mental/emotional attacks, belligerent people, an "SJ office", most sporting events, PETA members
    Other instructions: Ask me (never assume...). Also see "My Guide to INFPs" in the NF blog section.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

    INFP | 4w5 sp/sx | RLUEI - Primary Inquisitive | Tritype is tripe

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    Type: INfp
    Bloodtype: A. Or B. I can never remember.
    Allergies: Stupidity.
    Diseases: Idealism.
    Needs: Collections of ideas/thoughts.
    Turning on [Rebe]: intelligence. individuality. integrity.
    Turning off [Rebe]: irresponsibility. immaturity. ill-equipped.
    Important safety instructions: do not piss off.
    Experiencing discomfort: when people are overly perky and/or emotional or expect you to be so
    Never place [Rebe] near: injured bodies, bimbos
    Resetting [Rebe]: coffee! hmm, food! sleep! good people. a book!
    Making a place [Rebe] friendly: warm colors. warm people.
    If [Rebe]'s battery is low: let her sleep.
    Traumas: relationships.
    Connecting with [Rebe]: sense the natural connection between two people.
    Never expose [Rebe] to: physical trauma. snakes. cold.
    Other instructions:

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