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Thread: NF Manual

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    Type: INFP
    Bloodtype: A *shrugs shoulders heh*
    Allergies: to BS, not owning up to decisions you make and the consequences following.
    Diseases: obliviousness .
    Needs: Sensitivity, understanding, acceptance.
    Turning on [Dots]: sense of humor, being gentle and understanding. Patient is a big plus.

    Turning off [Dots]: Harsh criticism with little understanding of why I value something etc. Intentions are not matching up with their actions. Not being yourself simple as that. Talking down to me as if I'm a child/repremending me as such can come off condescending when maybe the intentions were not ment to be perceived in that light.

    Important safety instructions: Be gentle, respect my opinions enough to at least be supportive.
    Experiencing discomfort: hmm...
    Never place [Dots] near: People who's intentions I can tell are not sincere. Petty gossip, shallow people who don't take the time to understand anything.

    Resetting [Dots]: Time to myself/Alone time. Time to daydream. If I don't get this I can get rather touchy or responding with as little of words as possible if I'm absolutely drained.

    Making a place [Dots] friendly: Quiet, peaceful, easy-going. Some books would be nice specifically ones of interest . Music is a biggy .

    If [Dots]'s battery is low: Simply put " Leave me alone" You'll want to XD.
    I'll want solitude, peaceful serenity, not much talking. Preferably no talking while I need to recharge .

    Traumas: Lots of loud annoying sounds disturbing peaceful serenity. People who judge other based on surface information. Insincere people.

    Connecting with [Dots]: Just be accepting, supportive of my views/aspirations. Be willing to laugh at life, don't be so serious .

    Never expose [Dots] to: ehhh too many to name. if it ticks me off enough or frequent enough I'll have to bring it to the foreground.

    Other instructions: Just ask .
    What is Feeling?
    Feeling is primarily a process.....that imparts to the content a definite value in the sense of acceptance or rejection. In the same way that thinking organizes the contents of consciousness under concepts, feeling arranges them according to their value. Feeling, like thinking, is a rational function, since values in general are assigned according to the laws of reason...
    (Carl Jung, Psychological Types, Chapter XI - Definitions)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    Oh, we NFs are sooo misunderstood!!!
    Nobody ever seems to understand us!!!
    So why don't we all make manuals about how we work and how to treat us?

    Turning on [name]:
    Turning off [name]:
    Important safety instructions:
    Experiencing discomfort:
    Never place [name] near:
    Resetting [name]:
    Making a place [name] friendly:
    If [name]'s battery is low:
    Connecting with [name]:
    Never expose [name] to:
    Other instructions:
    bloodtype?? is this soem type of NF hospital now? haaa

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    Type: ENFP
    Bloodtype: O-
    Allergies: eardrops, some strange medication I'm never prescribed
    Diseases: hypochondria
    Needs: freedom, love, inspiration (and maybe some sense)
    Turning on noigmn: Connect, be open, relax and be a little wild and silly
    Turning off noigmn: Be unnecessarily difficult, shut people out and strut around with a mirror
    Important safety instructions: use at own risk (but enjoy)
    Experiencing discomfort: chat about random things and analyse
    Never place noigmn near: Narcissists, cotton wool
    Resetting noigmn: let him get distracted and create
    Making a place noigmn friendly: doesn't need to start good, just have a chance to get there
    If noigmn's battery is low: be involved in silliness or give him a break and f off
    Traumas: none
    Connecting with noigmn: say hi, be self, say whatever comes to mind
    Never expose noigmn to: excessive artiness without sense
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    Note: these are instructions to handle Satine in the most optimal way.

    Type: xNFP
    Bloodtype: O+
    Allergies: sulfides and sulfamides; also harming others, hypocrisy and intolerance
    Diseases: chocolate abuse
    Needs: freedom, love, (physical) affection, reaffirmation, feeling safe, being accepted for who I truly am, having a safehavene to be nurtured and comforted and be childlike at times

    Turning on Satine: Take charge and show me the way, connect with me both physically and emotionally, show me your vulnerabilities, be intrigued by who I am, look at me like a piece of art you marvel at, show me who you truly are, make me feel safe, dare to dream with me and accept me for who I am, form a team with me against the big bad world and let me take care of you.

    Turning off Satine: lie, treat me like a child, try to deceive me, betray me, be condescending, do not respect my pov and values, look at me like a tool you can abuse, take me for granted, scold me for being insecure, laugh at me instead of comfort me when feeling down, don't touch me both emotionally and physically, make me feel alone and unprotected in this harsh world, shut me out of who you are, don't allow me to take care of you, and treat me like a porcelain doll.

    Important safety instructions: Trust me and be trustworthy. Know you will stand in a roaring fire yet trust me to teach you how to enjoy every moment of it without dying. Know you will feel like you are literally submersed in emotion and you won't be able to take any more, yet trust me to teach you how to breathe under emotional waters and enjoy it with every fiber of your being. Even if you panick, I will make sure you're safe.

    Experiencing discomfort: when forced to do something that doesn't feel right, or when I don't have the context/tools/oversight to do it properly. Back off, and give me time to assimilate. Even better, show me how you would want it done.

    Never place Satine near: hypocrits, cruelty, backstabbers, spiders!, someone who will breathe down my neck and pressure me.

    Resetting Satine: Let me rant, show you understand and respect my pov, then hold me, make me feel safe, make love to me.

    Making a place Satine friendly: any place you are, if i have a strong connection with you, will be a friendly place. So...decorate it with your emotional presence. Actual indoor places that contain couches, pillows, living animals and internet are my home. Outside, I'll take the peace and quiet of nature, preferably with a bonfire/BBQ and some blankies.

    If Satine's battery is low: cuddle me and let me snooze to recharge (and dont get offended if I fall asleep in your arms).

    Traumas: failure anxiety and low self-esteem

    Connecting with Satine: be intrigued and tease me

    Never expose Satineto: spiders, harsh judgementalism especially after gaining my trust, emotional absense and coldness, hypocrits, intolerance.

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    Manual for Kat 6.6

    Type: ENFP
    Bloodtype: Unknown.
    Allergies: Tears (really).
    Diseases: ADD, but Kat likes it.
    Needs: Hugs.
    Turning on Kat: Kat has an on-button on my back.
    Turning off Kat: Kat also has a off-button on my back. It's next to the nuke-button.
    Important safety instructions: Don't fuck with her life. Kat fucks back.
    Experiencing discomfort: In the company of boring people.
    Never place Kat near: Chocolate boxes and chips bags.
    Resetting Kat: With coffee during winter, with fruit juices in summer.
    Making a place Kat friendly: Make sure there is enough mess and noise. Kat likes mess and noise.
    If Kat's battery is low: Don't bother her with routinous tasks.
    Traumas: = Maria Mena's "All this time" + Huge truck + Loved One + BOOM!
    Connecting with Kat: Make sure you make Kat feel comfortable. Avoid unnecessary flirting.
    Never expose Kat to: High Radiaton, Girly Music and Romantic Comedies.
    Other instructions: Never ever tell Kat you found a nice dateable person for her. Kat hates when people try to set her up with others and she isn't in a relationship mood right now.
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    lovely. more enfj!!
    I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.
    - Umberto Eco

    INTP e9 (sx/so/sp)
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    I guess this thread definitely disproves the Japanese blood type personality method hehe.

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    Type: INFJ

    Bloodtype: A+

    Allergies: Small talk and closed minds.

    Diseases: Thankfully none.

    Needs: Mental stimulation, music, poetry, to be known and understood, and blueberries.

    Turning on Lux: Tell me something new, have a nice brain, be sweet to me, understand me, connect with me, on all levels, make me laugh.

    Turning off Lux: Don't have integrity, don't seek out new information, be static, belittle me, and want to control me.

    Important safety instructions: Must have intelligent thoughtful conversation everyday, must laugh everyday, I also respond to kindness, and fresh fruit.

    Experiencing discomfort:
    When expected to do lots of manual labor.

    Never place Lux near: Something that smells bad, or is unusually obnoxious.

    Resetting Lux:
    Being held, music, a cup of tea, and sweetness in general do wonders for me.

    Making a place Lux friendly: I love to be in beautiful surroundings, music, fresh flowers, a conversation partner that can match me, however that may be.

    If Lux's battery is low: Coffee, a hug, a good book, and a quiet / calm atmosphere.

    None to speak of.

    Connecting with Lux: For starters be interested in me, ask me questions, but be respectful with them, make me laugh, show me a new way of looking at things, be silly and brilliant.

    Never expose Lux to:
    Tons of angry, rude, and loud people. Or something covered in onions.

    Other instructions: *Smile*
    "It is not length of life, but depth of life." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "Thought breeds thought." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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    Type: INfJ

    Bloodtype: No idea, really.

    Allergies: Not that I know of.

    Diseases: Not a disease, but a bit astigmatic.

    Needs: Glasses to see, food, water, drink, shelter, love.

    Turning on CuriousFeeling: Engaging me in an intelligent conversation, showing empathy and understanding. Deep discussions about life, music, personality, art, literature. Keyboards/synthesizers/pianos, biology, physics. Demonstration of knowledge. Romanticism. Articulating your thoughts/feelings.

    Turning off CuriousFeeling: Unoriginal responses and remarks, showing no use of the full potential of your talents, slacking off. Lack of understanding. Spelling errors. Just using limited vocabulary words. Being late for appointments. Not respecting my family. Being a bully.

    Important safety instructions: Can be klutzy/ kinesthetically awkward due to inferior Se, so make sure you have a good sense of direction and be on the lookout.

    Experiencing discomfort: When I feel unsure of someone, not certain if I can trust them. Making me feel as if I have to placate someone. Someone trying to manipulate and control me.

    Never place CuriousFeeling near: A piano, or any keyboard instrument for that matter, I'll never stop playing it!

    Resetting CuriousFeeling: A nap does wonders.

    Making a place CuriousFeeling friendly: Lots of light and windows, heat/ac set to 74 degrees Fahrenheit, computer with internet access with virtual studio in it, keyboards, clarinet, sax, TV set, books, and access to the outdoors.

    If CuriousFeeling's battery is low: Recharge with music and coffee.

    Traumas: Would write it down, but it's too personal to share.

    Connecting with CuriousFeeling: Be gentle and honest about yourself. Make me feel welcome. Don't be shy to show your intelligence and your wildest dreams.

    Never expose CuriousFeeling to: Country Western and Rap music. Highly caustic.

    Other instructions: Give me precise instructions when, how, why you want something done, and don't leave me hanging.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Type: INFJ

    Bloodtype: O+

    Allergies: poison ivy, pollen, boredom

    Diseases: psoriasis

    Needs: warmth, shelter, food, broadband, books, quiet

    Turning on cafe: puns

    Turning off cafe: rudeness

    Important safety instructions: do not leave your shoes in the walkway

    Experiencing discomfort: Going on and on about something you know I probably don't agree with and expecting me to pretend like I agree, then getting upset when I can't keep it in anymore.

    Never place cafe near: bookstore if budget is tight

    Resetting cafe: leave in quiet, dim place with book and snacks for 4-8 hours

    Making a place cafe friendly: quiet, soft, with something to keep brain happy

    If cafe's battery is low: leave in quiet, dim place with books and snacks for 3 hours

    Traumas: you probably don't want to go there if you haven't cleared it with my insurance

    Connecting with cafe: do something geeky with me

    Never expose cafe to: loud obnoxiousness

    Other instructions: According to my grandpa if you're good to me I won't give you any trouble.
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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