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    Default I have a tendency to throw things off balence...

    I dont know why but, I have a tendency to throw things off balence. I can come up with the most random things and that somethimes can make people uncomftable, annoyed, or pissed off. I feel like am not radiating good vibes and I want to be more welcoming to people and not be passed off as creepy. Especially with girls, am very nervous and shy sometimes of them because of past experiences. It doesnt help that most of the student body in my school are girls a nice guy, I cant see how I could give off an uncomfortable energy or anything, or how I can be always the unfortunate target for anyone or how I could always Underestimated by everyone...

    Man, I whining again arent I?*sigh*
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    Yes, INFP want harmony but most often seem to be cataylst for throwing chaos into things.

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    I'm in the same boat as you. Being the 'odd one' while not wanting to be. mostly because of my tendency to be nitpicky and my very tasteless sense of humor.

    All I can think of that might help is to try and think positively about your strengths and what you know about yourself. When you feel positive, people notice (though not always consciously). Having a good foothold on knowing who you are goes a long way to letting you feel centered.

    Girls like guys who radiate internal confidence. That seems to be one of the only constant I can think of when it comes to that topic.

    If you can find them, find people that think similarly to you. Find the other weirdos; you can back each other up with the shenanigans only you can understand.
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    This reminds me of the advice that when you are faced with a lion in the wild, you should not show any fear because it can detect it. In your head, you remind yourself over and over not to be afraid, but actually that probably makes it worse.

    If you keep thinking in your head that you are nervous and should stop being nervous, chances are you would show it even more. As Skyward said, try to surround people of a like mind; people who will appreciate you for who you are, not despite who you are. I know it'll sound trite, but once you are in the presence of people you can be relaxed with, you will start to shine.
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