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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    oh...well now that's interesting! sy! maybe you...due to cultural environment...upbringing whatever...have learned to totally overcompensate for all of that sweet squishy stuff inside by playing...and in the process becoming...the tough guy...just stop it and embrace your inner hippie!

    Well, Lady X, the thing is that like you said, I became the tough guy (or whatever) and due to Fi's nature...I cannot be untrue to how I've always been. Coherence and being authentic and all that.

    But it's not that I'm THAT much of a dick I like the way I am for the most part...I'm just not effectively communicating sometimes...but I don't know if I would want to, because then people would be too shocked by what they saw.

    It's not like I'm uncomfortable talking about feelings to an extreme's just that usually people don't talk about feelings anyway unless it's a one-on-one, they just hint at certain things with body language and indirect meaning in their words...basically that warmth that ENFPs supposedly exude ...I don't I don't know if I want to anyway though.

    My words might not always show people a certain side of me, but my actions do I think (and that's how people manage to not think I'm a complete dick )

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    Pssh, being gay isn't that easy. But then again, the other side usually looks greener..

    I'm blunt, but I'm not 'rude'. Frankly, I'm usually the polite one. (I'm a nice boy; it's in gay blood, what can I say?)

    I really dislike people who are RUDE, as in swearing and bashing you for no reason. Saying insults at you, and stuff like that to degrade you.

    However, I respect people who are HONEST. There's a difference between being true, and being a d*ckhead. I like people who are honest; but I like them to be polite + try not to be degrading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    Someone has typed me as ESTJ before (admittedly, his knowledge of MBTI was limited). I think the Te is definitely present in the way you described in your earlier post. Si...hmm...I don't know where it would fit...I'm pretty I still use Ne and Fi a whole's really just in the way I convey the message that I often use Te instead of Fi....and now that I'm thinking about it, maybe, in the past, I've had the habit of stating things that COULD be (Ne) as things that would surely be because I've seen something similar [with a lot of BS thrown in] (Si).
    My entp and I chatted about this today. She sees the same thing in her ENFP boss. ENFPs who are dipping into this Te will state things as FACT. Then ten minutes later will totally contradict the FACT and state another thing as FACT. When I do this typically I just had a new Ne insight, thus my FACTS really do differ. The new FACT is just as correct as the old one was-and now the old one is wrong. Mentally I have no issue with this.

    Yeah, this gives her fucking seizures.

    WRT to "with a whole lot of BS thrown in" do you find you just make up ballpark numbers when you rationalize things. I find I like the number 47. Little linguist used "1000%" in another thread. I am also about "80%" correct. I just totally made that up but it seems about right. With no data at all, except my vague Ne rumblings of accuracy. I do this all the time. And honestly, it works-especially for areas that allow for massive bullshit anyways-like strategic marketing. I have vague Ne hunches, then find BS numbers with massive error in BS . Magic=Marketing Plan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    I've thought about that though in regards to MBTI in general though. It makes more sense that one would continue to be extravert (hence leading with the alternative extravert function - Te) instead of leading with the opposite one (Si). All I know is that when I have been in my poorest....I hated everybody (not really just wanted them away from me lol) and was VERY anal and easily bothered by stupid details I would never worry about otherwise.

    Talking about this is cool Orobas. You've made me feel like the healthiest version of an ENFP now. Thanks.
    haha. You are kinda my mirror silly!

    Yeah-If the above is correct I'd expect pissed off unhappy INFPs to actually look like ISTJs and get all crazy about what other people "should" or "should not" do-except about feelings, not tax returns.

    And us ENFPs?-like emo, nuerotic, prickly ESTJs who get real pissy about details in our enviornment. It sounds a bit too close to home unfortunatley, but you gotta start with the truth I suppose.

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