So I recently got my mum to take the MBTI test and she came out as an ENFJ. This was a surprise to me as I had her down as ISXJ, tending towards T.

The T/F issue isn't that controversial - I had her as T because she is pragmattic and organizational, but she is also very caring, socially skilled, involved in others lives and problems etc., so seeing her as an Fe dominant isn't that hard.

The I/E is a similair issue, as she always liked her home space etc., but then again she is always talkative and looking to meet up with people often. In any case it's not a bit deal as it only flips the dom and auxiliary functions.

But regarding the Ni/Si choice, I was quite surprised. I always thought that my mum had a strong intuitive side, which is hard to explain I just percieved it, in a way you don't with most people, never did with my dad for example. But I guess because of her life (housewife and mother from a young age, conservative culture), she was pushed to be very pragmattic and not have time for theoretical pursuits.

But I was wondering on the opinion of you guys, especially the ENFJ. Can you imagine an ENFJ with little orientation towards theory? On the other hand a strong belief in things like a "higher being", or a drive to deeper "meaning", are those Ni traits (especially when the Ni is underdeveloped and hasn't been nurtured with scientific theories).

What other ways can you tell an ESFJ from an ENFJ? Is the ENFJ more tactful and sensitive? In what more crucial ways does the difference manifest itself?