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    My friends know not to come to my house without asking. I don't need mental preparation, but I prefer to have my house a certain way, my refrigerator stocked, and my time completely free so that we can all enjoy each other. I wouldn't have answered the door when she rang.
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    Orobas, I feel you. I hate pop-ins. It's so tough when people don't pick up on hints that others are uncomfortable.

    I posted this recently in Jen's thread about being harassed by extroverts:
    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    I can relate to this. Most time its not the people I choose to be around, like friends, and its not family because I can be frank with them. Its usually people who I am obliged to be accommodating towards.

    If I may get off on a tangent here, I will share a bit about when I most feel that my type clashes with other more extroverted types. In my case tension arises more because of the fact that I am territorial and need respite. As far as being territorial, I don't mean like a gang member. I mean that when I invite you into my space, in a way I'm inviting you into my private world. I have had rude people impose on me before and invade my space and take over without being polite or considerate and it really really infuriated me. Then if the rude guests are demanding my attention and I can't relax in my own place I feel overloaded. I don't accept pop-ins. Not to say that I am not inviting, I like to think I am a very good hostess. But simply I really need visits and things scheduled ahead of time and I need guests to have the courtesy not to impose. This makes me feel sorry that I can't be more easy-going and just lighten up. But I would never act that way to someone else, so I wonder why can't they be different. In the end I realize that it is our personalities. But like you, I just wish others would take a little notice and back off.
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