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    I understand the expressed lack of patience with philosophy. Good news is that not all philosophers or philosophical writers are necessarily thick reading(but can still address issues with depth). Try to find writers who address issues you're interested in and a writing style that suits you. Many people prefer philosophical essays instead of treatises for example.

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    Very interesting thread. I seem to have a lot in common with many of you. Names you've mentioned, such as Wittgenstein, Rorty, Habermas, Bakhtin, Shestov, are among my favorites. I've studied philosophy and literature. And as most INFJs, I suppose, I had hard to stand academical philosophy, but enjoyed literature. Link to my philosophy blog:

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    check out autopoiesis.

    since discovering the language of autopoiesis, philosophical discourse seems less directly interesting because the underlying information structure of discourse seems to be a more pressing problem. i don't know what this means for philosophy as edifying discourse, or, as geertz says, improving the ways in which we/our descriptions "vex" each other, but i think it's an enhanced platform, or philosophical operating system, for doing philosophy in an anti-foundational environment that is at the same time reflexive of its own conditions of possibility. basically, we need models that allow us to cross-contextualize, or our language-games have no ecological validity. and we tend to either privilege "structure" or "process" at the expense of the other (the j/p split). when we need to incorporate reconciliation methods, or techniques for contextual integration in ALL the ways context can be rendered. i think this is where cognitive science and computational science are also taking us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal recurrence View Post
    2 THINGS:

    Any others major/do graduate work in Philosophy? ... i'm starting to think it could be a red herring as I sift through what seems to be endless libraries of infinity containing unanswerable questions - or maybe this is an existential crisis? One doesnt exclude the other. Anyone else have a dangerous tendency towards philosophy ? If so, what branch?

    You know what ... I've been reading that INFJ's have these particular, specific, 1 or 2 things that they vehemently and uncompromisingly believe in and do not budge on AND I want to know what others are - so lets do sort of a qualitative poll...
    I did not do graduate work in philosophy and studied it only briefly in college. I found it to be very interesting and I suppose in some ways, we are all philosophers, in that everyone believes something, even those who say they believe nothing. However, I chose another field. Art.

    As to what I won't compromise on...there are some laws of the spirit universe that I know to be true just as there are laws to physical universe that I know to be true. I don't usually talk about these things on forums as they are sacred to me and bringing them out on a open forum opens them up to exploitation, which is a thing I am passionately against.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    Yeah, I'm pretty grey when it comes to many things/topics... not strongly opinionated, as I never feel I have 'all' the information necessary to *really* make a good conclusion. I don't think I'm terribly rigid when it comes to most things, and I do kind of bend in the wind and can easily see different perspectives.

    The one thing that I'd say is 100% unchanging though is my passion/care/concern for the environment and other creatures in this world. I'm not terribly concerns go much farther to pretty much every living organism.

    I went through a philosophy phase when I was maybe 24-26....reading a lot of philosophy books. Found it very interesting. In my personal life though I could care less about arguing about any of it, pushing my own view, or nitpicking on semantics.
    So beautifully said, sometimes I think people use philosophy just to be pretentious or try and show how multifaceted they are. The truth is, everyone is full of philisophical views weather expressed or not. As much as I enjoy philosophy and understand the omni-importance of it, my philosophical veiws are usually kept quite hidden from others.

    Btw, very captivating pictures you have.. You seem like a really genuine person


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