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    Quote Originally Posted by Vala Faye View Post
    With time, you come to realize why the world works the way it does, and you come to term with it, seeing the good in things that previously you could not comprehend. That allows you to zone in on the points that do need improving, and makes the idealism and realism gap smaller and gives you hope, instead of being trapped in an imaginary world with fear of stepping into the real world as it is such a big contrast with what you'd like to see. ultimately, the synthesis of the two is what you're striving to accomplish.

    Easier said than done though.

    Interestingly, an ENFP told me once how far I'm away from being a realist as an idealist.

    Beautifully sumarized, Vala Faye!

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    I kind of feel like I'm masquerading as an NF, but I felt like I was masquerading as an NT.. so, I'm going to dig up how I'm idealistic and throw it out there.

    Ummm, I have these ideas that, strangely enough, I tried to snuff out, but they wouldn't go away. I ended up getting kind of sick when trying to kill that part of me off. No matter what I *have* to believe that everyone's life can contain enough spark of revelation to justify living the harshest of lives.

    I believe that everyone is good, and all bad things are just misunderstandings either on their part or mine. I believe in 2nd chances and 120th chances.

    I see a version of reality that other people push, and I reject it. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

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