I've found an interesting dynamic happening in my relationship. I'm married to an ENTX. I'm an INFX. I'm wondering... We have been married for 16 years and in the beginning he was extremely J and when I think back on it I was extremely P. He wanted to talk about the relationship and where it was going. When he committed, it was for life. He had a vision! Marriage for me was something that was a nice thought, but his view of it floored me. I was more of a it will happen when it happens kind of person and we would grow together. Now, we married young so I'm in my mid 30's. When we first tested, I tested INFP and he tested ENTJ. We have both moved toward the middle of this spectrum since then. Is this a common occurrence in maturity? If anything I see more confusion in the two of us attempting to be considerate to each other. This J/P thing is hard.

I think we are starting to look a bit like Abbott and Costello doing who's on first... ::la sigh::