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Thread: Adjectives

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    ones I like:
    clever, intelligent, fast, a leader, sweet, brave

    Ones i like but make me all weird cause I dont know what to do with them:
    kind, loving, sweet, caring, empathic, old soul

    Ones I dont like:
    weird, crazy It's okay when my friends say this, but I know other people think it and it kind of hurts being odd even when you try and be normal. My ENFP friend says everyone thinks she is weird too. "I am SO TIRED of being called weird." she told me the other day.

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    I get comments on how I smell most often from strangers I have a concoction of lotions and potions that I have perfected over the "good smelling" The one I've probably heard the most from people who know me is "normal"...blah.

    My favorite...exotic.
    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. " - Dr. Seuss
    I can't spell...get over it

    Slightly ENFJ, totally JoSunshine
    Extroverted (E) 52.5%........Introverted (I) 47.5%
    Intuitive (N) 65.63%..........Sensing (S) 34.38%
    Feeling (F) 55.56%............Thinking (T) 44.44%
    Judging (J) 51.43%............Perceiving (P) 48.57%

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    probably annoying, talkative, obnoxious, spontaneous, weird

    (ENFP for the win... pfft or not. lol)

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