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    Default NF's - do you relate to this?

    I almost posted this in the celebrity typing forum, but I specifically wanted to know if it was something NF's related to.

    Kara DioGuardi (yes, she's one of the American Idol judges) and Jason Reeves wrote this song together and this is them singing it in her house. I haven't paid much attention to what MBTI type she might be whenever I've seen her on TV, but when I watch this video I think NF all the way (ENFx). I also see him as an INFx - with a possible exception of INTP (but this is less likely than INFx, in my opinion).

    So, NF's, watch the way they interact with each other and listen to the dialogue before the song starts. Then, also consider the lyrics to the song - which they wrote "together" - in a very short period of time.

    Considering all these things, do they both seem NF to you?

    YouTube - Kara DioGuardi singing terrified

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    I didn't find anything I could relate to. Whenever I saw her on TV she annoyed me. But she seems different here, more N than S. But yes, I can see him being INxP and she's more ENFJ than P.

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    i like it...she's cute and seems pretty clue about types tho...wasn't that helpful? :P
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