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    It depends. Sometimes I keep social conventions. Sometimes I mean it.

    This sounds awful, but sometimes you have to say certain things to keep the peace, avoid offense, or to have a good atmosphere. This is particularly true with family and work.

    However, with my husband, people I trust, or really close friends, I open up and express myself genuinely.

    With people I don't care about, I don't care as much for social conventions, especially if I'm just chatting or something.

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    ENFJs are really situational (is that a word??) with their emotional expression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueFlame View Post
    Er, I probably don't mean them as deeply as some might assume. I very rarely really feel the long-term feeling of missing someone. It usually just pops into my head that I haven't seen someone in a while and I'd like to see them, so out come the words! I guess I mean them in the moment, but I could see how someone could read way too much into my impulsive emoting.
    Overall, though, my *impulsive emoting* is strictly reserved for people I care about, so it's never void of caring.

    I can't form a cohesive thought for anything today...
    I can relate to this

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    I think ENFJs mean it to at least to some extent but people can sometimes take it for more than its worth.

    For example, I ran into one of my old ENFJ teachers.
    Teacher: Hi Pitseleh
    Me: Hey Mr. _____! How's it going?
    (chit chat for awhile)
    Me: I should come see you during office hours once or twice.
    Teacher: Yeah you should.... (in a whisper) I miss you.
    Me (thinking): What? That's really creepy. OH YEAH! He's most likely an ENFJ so
    i shouldn't read too much in it. That's just the way he is.
    Me: Yeah same to you!

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