Thanks everyone for your help. Some of these responses were truely amazing. I know I am responding late but I had to read over some of my old posts to look for advice for my current situation. I definitely realize now that I was worrying too much and I will just have to see what life holds for me.

The problem was stemming from me not living up to who I truly feel I am and trying to please other rather than be myself. I know I will change my mind about things, but I also know I won't change my mind about other things. I will never be sure of religion but I may choose to practice a certain way if it feels right. I know I may change where I want to live, but I know wherever I am, I can't live in a materialistic or selfish way; I must help my neighbors. And who cares how I want to have kids. I just know I want to love and nurture them, raise them to be great humanitarians and internationally conscious. So thanks for all of your advice. I am definitely feeling more confident in just being myself and going after what I want, regardless of the circumstances.

Also, as I knew from the beginning with this guy, he is unwilling to move. I am leaving the country but I'm OK with it because I know he's not the one for me. He was good for my temporary environment but I need find someone willing to "run with me." Best advice ever. Thanks everyone!