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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoteric Wench View Post
    I don't know if this is the right answer, but this is what I've decided: if you go back to my OP, you'll notice that I'm explaining to my SO that I've learned how to correctly read him. I've learned that his actions are what I need to pay attention to. But at the end of the day, this is me translating his language into mine. And, I think that like idiomatic phrases in other languages are soooo difficult to understand, so is an S's actions for me to understand.
    Yeah, foreign language is exactly what it feels like... It's easy enough if the actions are congruent, but when there is movement forward, backward and sideways, it becomes an impossible task for me to get the message. And I haven't got a clear idea what it is that I am saying in that language...

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    Is there a particular reason this is in the NF subforum? Looking primarily for an NF perspective or something?

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    First, please treat Sensors as specific people and not just types. Intuitives here often acknowledge the differences between N-types, but treat all Sensors as one indistinguishable mass. I find that annoying. There is a great variety between S-types, from ESTJ to ISFP, and of course within types and on traits that aren't measurable on MBTI. Look to the details ... we do.

    Many of us are well educated and have learned to use and follow intuition. Some Sensors may even have better intuition than some immature or unaware Intuitives! I think we're very capable of following you when you might discuss a topic like "how the Internet will change in the next 20 years", or "likely political shifts within the European Union". Those are both speculative topics, but grounded in present day facts. I find discussions like that interesting!

    What might be more difficult for us is tracking an "unleashed" Ne-driven train of thought that jumps around and is intentionally wacky and weird. Sometimes theorists that are vague and don't account for (or are wrong about) actual facts are very annoying! If something is conceptual, try adding some actual examples. If you can't think of any, your theory might not be so great.

    We're not likely to be the brainstormers or visionaries of the group, and I think you have to accept that, but we can often refine or improve ideas but exploring how an idea really would work or looking for trouble spots or room for improvement. We can also help you flesh out your most high-level thoughts. Try throwing your great ideas our way for a reality check (ISTPs are especially good at that).

    Overall, I like most N-types. You have a lot of creativity and individuality to offer.

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    *approves greatly of above post*

    I've met INTPs who use Fe better than ESFJs, and ESFJs who use Ti better than INTPs. Preference doesn't equate to aptitude.

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