For an Fe user:

1) How does the society at large affect the final form/flavor of their Fe?
2) How does their immediate family impact the final form/flavor of their Fe?

My experience:
ENFPs are pretty well known for throwing off social convention. For myself, the lack of Fe plus a strong tertiary Te, and a wee bit o’ Ne vision allowed me to blatantly ignore social expectations and actually accomplish far more in life than would have been expected of someone raised in my social demographic and circumstances.

There has been a lot of discussion about how folks use functions that are not the “norm”. Could some of this be Fe users developing according to the respective societal norm-which may be very Te heavy or Fi heavy thus giving them a very different Fe “flavor”? I think people can totally use other functions, but I thought this Fe “flavoring” might be good to eliminate before considering a more complex functional usage. (For me, using Fe was to step into someone else’s mind)

Fe users I have seen where social impacts seem very relevant:
Typically these Fe users will seem a little different, thus warrant further study.

1. ESTP female-Very dominating and intense and feels Te-yet without a strong logical foundation. Raised catholic in a mixed first generation american family. She is marked by “We will do this”, a polite smile, and no room for discussion, but resorts to very Fe catty mannerisms and is very reluctant to engage in Te style full contact discussion. It is about advancing her cause, her benefit, not externalized metrics.

2. ESTP female-Very dominating, very sarcastic, bitchy and loud. My ex sister in law who I actually like a lot. Can use Fe to be very polite at times but can be so very mean. Her dad is a very intense INTJ and mom an intense ISTP.

3. ENTPs-some seem to have developed Te-typically with Te parents. My best friend ENTP looks really irritated when she says she is using Te-it translates as “angry”, where a normal Te user doesn’t seem angry to me at all

4. INFJ guy-Raised in central Texas, his Fe has a very Te cowboy feel to it. Strong dude vibes, yet a strong INFJ.

5. ISFJ executives-I have seen a couple who seem Te-like. They deepen their voice and fake Te to seem authoritarian. Instead of relying on pure domination to control others Te style, they will socially blockade off whole groups and establish Fe social barriers to communication.-A male Fe thing?

6. ESTP-trying to turn into an executive. He uses a lot of Fe, but will actually manipulate results on the DISC to be highly dominant and MBTI to be ENTJ. Everyone knew my high D on DISC was real as I am a tyrant. They laughed their asses off at him. He watches the high Te executives and models his behavior after them.