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    Default Series #3: Intellect. Logistics, Tactics, Diplomacy, and Strategy,and ugly ducklings

    Okay so with the strong suit in tactics (the intellect is a keirsey thing as I'm positive you all would know already, I just want to cover my bases.) He always heads it with interest practice and skill. I've found that my skill in this area is an anomally. But it's really no surprise it was the only way I could get anything I desired or stick up for myself in any way.

    Anyone else like this?

    ANy other thoughts or impressions? I am as ever eager for any of your thoughts!

    A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is visible labour and there is invisible labour.
    -Victor Hugo

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    My tactical intelligence is nil. I have had no encouragement to develop it either. Although this belongs more properly in your other post about family, I want to mention that like your brother, I am an INFJ who tried to make herself over into an image of her (ISTJ) father, so I have developed an outlook very similar to the Guardians that has been warring with my natural Idealism these last few years since I went to college. Unlike the other two NFs in my family, I am preoccupied with providing and being responsible for others, definitely have a stoical component in my orientation, and strongly value authority, security, and belonging.

    As I have been trying to find myself and define myself in the last year, these things have been falling away and I have been discovering my Idealist self buried under all this. Hurrah! Thank God for putting the MBTI into my life.

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    I used to play paintball and learned very quickly that I had absolutely no talent for the game. It's an activity that is 80% tactics and 20% strategy. I just don't have any skill at running around in the brush trying to outmaneuver my opponents. Even when I was team leader and devised strategy I was usually overwhelmed.

    However, where I do have some ability is in diplomacy. You know that game Monopoly where most people spend countless hours trying to attain victory? I usually win it in about 2 hours. I can do so because of the property trading rule that allows you to trade or auction off your properties to your opponents. To be honest, since I learned the game I don't think I have ever lost.

    Off topic, I believe Texas Hold'em is the ultimate game of champions! It's 33% tactics, 33% strategy, and 33% diplomacy. You win by chance and capitalizing on your opponent's weaknesses.

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    What exactly do you mean when talking about tactics?

    I don't have any of the things you mention in the thread title, not in great amounts, anyway, but to some degree I do I suppose. Well, I have intellect, just not the logical, tactiful, diplomatic, or strategic kind

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    Well for myself I love tactics. I always used to play a lot of tactic games like Age of Empires for computers for many, many years. I LOVE chess, checkers and many other board games. I love to read history books (mostly military ones ranging from ancient times to modern warefare) and I analyze why certain tactics worked, failed or how a general could have done things better, including weapons, machinery, training and positions. I am a baseball and huge football fanatic, I have dissected team's schemes, strategies, formations, play types, players (strenghts and weaknesess), coaching decisions, personel use and adjustments. I find myself reading into situations and easlly coordinating and directing a lot of things at the sametime. I LOVE tactics and strategies, they absolutly fasinate me on just about every level. You can say I dissect tactics.
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