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    I dance left and right more than I climb upward, and it wouldn't be so hard if I had someone to dance with. I feel like I'm more than one person, and I also feel that I'm far too strange to attract someone. I abandon and ignore conformity in such a natural way, that it's more extreme than if one had intentionally done so. Truly a fish out of water. I have very unorthodox cosmic views, though that comes more from being poisoned and dying on my bathroom floor than my "ENFP-ness".

    I just wish I could be happy. I think NFs are among the most desiring of that, no?
    The knowledge of possibility falsifies all facts.

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    The Joker, The jester , The satirist , The player.
    The lover, the carer, the giver, the friend,
    The challenge, The guard, the Prisoner, The artist
    The fool, The philosopher, the teacher, the student
    The master, the slave, The leader, the follower
    The intellect, the believer, The idiot, the skeptic
    The optimist, the pessimist, The cynic , The neutralist
    The Taker, The brave, the honest, the failure
    The deceiver, The talker, The success, The coward
    The saint, The slut, The awe struck, The insecure
    The listener, the reliable, the defender, The destroyer,
    The hypocrite, The diplomat, The inconsistent, the unflappable

    I am sure I am forgetting a few hundred more.

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    Somewhere between infantile and thoughtful. Unapologetic on the infantile. Because I'm dead serious about infantile things. I haven't really made an impact with my viewpoint as much as I'd like. The world passes me by, growing older and older. I'm not sure if it's the world's fault or my own. Sometimes I'm disgusted with both.

    Probably more caffeinated than I should be.

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