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I always feel like Iím building constructs in my head, that I should have ideas fully formed before trying to connect them to the external world; but thereís so much deconstructing going on in there as well that I often end up with something just as vague as when I began thinking about it.
I *totally* relate to feeling like I should have things all figured out before connecting them to the external world. Part of it might be not wanting to be caught off guard, part of it might be my wanting to have some sort of crystal-clear construct (I'm stealing your word ) in my head that is the ultimate solution, that cannot be breached or is flawless. Correct. Right. The truth. I think/want to figure things out without any external input, because I think I'll be able to find the ultimate answer by Thought alone

Also: I don't know what it is, exactly, but when I'm in that mode I also resist the notion of external feedback, and it becomes distasteful, because I somehow don't want them to influence my thoughts... .. I'm having a hard time articulating this. Maybe too it's tied to the fact that I don't have a solid set of beliefs/foundation, so while I'm in this mode I'm trying to construct something solid...of my own making...of my own independent thought...getting external feedback 'prematurely' would influence my Pure Thought, which is distasteful to me (because I DO easily shift perspective and sometimes I fear that trait and being 'swayed'), I want it to be discovered by me alone ...lol, this seems so silly as I'm typing this, but what can I say, I think this is what I think when I'm in totally introverted mode.

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but our logical skills are so secondary that which contextualizations to choose becomes awful, and what actually cues these suites of understanding up is more often related to our motives and emotional ambiances which can fly under the radar.

what i mean is that Ti should be the final finishing touch and not the foundation. and our foundation is fluid and fluxy, so by taking out the world as the constant, by ignoring the moment via Fe, we are capable of some serious crazy.
lol. Yeah, this goes with what I was just typing above; when I'm not in that mode, it seems laughable that I get into that state where I actually don't want to go external; it doesn't even make much sense to not keep getting external 'data' in the moment to work with or help us to hone in more clearly. And you're right, our pure thought can lead us to some serious crazy.... this occurred recently for me.... I was told my observations/ 'data' was good, justified, accurate, etc, but my perception/conclusion about all of it wasn't. ( To be fair: I got out of my internal loop because I knew I was getting nowhere and knew I needed to go external - my act of externalizing just illustrated (via feedback) my knowledge already that I was full of conjectures but nothing solid)

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Exactly. I see all the possible faults and flaws in logic, and- even when I know theyíre miniscule- I find myself constantly getting trapped into making each thought impermeable to criticism. Itís helpful in forming a solid argument, but itís counterproductive when I get so trapped in the fragments that the whole never makes it out of my head (the loop).
Relate too to being impermeable to criticism. Trying to find all the loopholes, all the possible things others might say or others might counter with.