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    Why are NFs being put all in the same bag? And why only women?

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    Default Right on

    Quote Originally Posted by Unkindloving View Post
    In regard to your situation:
    Your involvement or lack of involvement with the NFs is what flicked that switch...
    I've dropped people before because they have tried to manipulate or debase me immensely or because we weren't close in the first place. I have a specific amount of effort i'll make for people so it requires meeting in the middle most times...
    I never drop people who meet me in the middle with the friendship/acquaintanceship and who respect that i'm a human being.
    It feels like that is extremely valuable to any NF so we don't take it lightly when something is amiss..
    I think this quote above and what Vasilisa said just above are pretty much the options on why you would get dropped.

    For me,
    1)People who don't do their share of work in the relationship are my past drops ( but reading a post I realized we do get intense, forgot that part)
    2) Dependent ISFP with low self-esteeem (look at Vasilia's quiote for dead on reason)
    3) wasn't close with an ENFP who was over sensitive, conflict mess so it was easy to cut
    3) I think now I can understand the last and worst drop was a lack of emotional connection that I identified too late b/c we idealize. But in the span of time I got exhausted and realized they couldn't open up or were so incapable of sharing their feelings. That will snap me because it starves me.
    4) keep my composure ( I would fall into emotionalism)
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    Reasons I'd drop people

    1. The relationship has zero potential and we are just doing useless stuff and kidding ourselves that we have any common ground. (slow drift away)
    2. The people are interpersonally destructive and I don't wish to support them in it or tolerate them. (more charged drift away after trying to clarify why it is a problem)
    3. Arrogance without anything to back it up annoys me. (respect drops and boredom follows)
    4. They eat up all my time so I never get to stop and explore any of the stuff I want to. (ease off, and if I can't get more time, eventually run for freedom)
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