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    I honestly feel like I have no real aspirations, motivation, or direction in my life. I just let things... happen? I guess there's nothing I REALLY want. I hate that. I'm stuck.

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    Do you have aspirations? Tell me about them, are they in the present, mid range or long term.
    I think I'd like to work with animals. Maybe in some sort of wildlife rehabilitation centre or maybe as an animal trainer for films or training guide dogs for the blind or maybe something completely different like owning a little secondhand bookshop somewhere ... but I'll take whatever comes along. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen.

    Do you know what you want out of life?

    Happiness, a simple life, creative hobbies (writing, art, crafts, etc), to always have a good book to read and lots of animals around me. That's all I want.

    Are you happy what direction your life is going?

    For the most part.

    What are you doing to change your current circumstances to get to where you want to be in life?

    I'm trying to understand myself better - isn't that why we're all on a personality forum? - so that I can better understand exactly what I want out of life.
    More specifically, I'll be taking an Animal Care course this September, which I'm thoroughly looking forward to.

    What motivates you to achieve and finish what you started?

    A dream of a hope of a happy, simple life.

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    I want a happy life.... That's about all I know.

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