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    If I could go back in time, I would go back all the way. I would arrive just before the very moment of the universe's inception, and therefore become its prime mover.
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    Much like the 5-second rule, there is a small (or wide) window of opportunity for every thought, indecision, and action. Just the same, 5-seconds is more than enough to go back and drastically change the course of a personal timeline and I couldn't ever wish for ever going back farther because at that point what's done is done. Plus, pocket dimensions are nasty. Time travel sightseeing on the other hand would be a fun waste of time. I'd see ancient cultures like the Sumerians and the Norte Chico, the Permian extinction, watch the advance and meltoff of massive glaciers in fastforward, leave little ooparts in strategically placed locations (imagine a fossilized Pikachu figure in 5myo sediment layer under Shinjuku Park), or do wildlife photography of all the feathered dinosaurs and extinct megafauna.

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    I'm not sure. That is a good question. While I love some eras for their literature and cultural aspects, I also an aware of the flaws within the times and I likely wouldn't want to actually reside in them. I think I'd go somewhere to 1920. A time in America of fear yet great courage and belief. I like a good coming upward from the rubble story.
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