You're right it is madness. Potentially amazing madness.

I side with the 'power couple' comment. I'm with an I N (T/F) J now and it is amazing to feel the potential we have if we decide on an issue we want to approach together.
Haven't solved the worlds problems yet, but we have decided to give it a hilarious go.
At first I found his idealism so ridiculous and naive because mine has been suppressed, but he drew it back out in me. Now we are just a naive and very strange couple who has entertaining conversations about the most complicated issues in life.

But maybe I lucked out here because our central values in life are similar ...

Issues with emotional openness are there, but they are usually overcome because we both value honesty above all and have an idea of what is necessary to do to form/maintain a relationship long-term. actually, we are a bit scientific about it... that is, analytic about how love should be. paradox?

Also, the first month was frighteningly hilarious because our minds just pinpointed every possible problem we could have even when they were not there - it was like a month of negotiating/analyzing the potential of the relationship. We are a bit intense sometimes so we have to remind ourselves to play marbles and tag and jump in a lake...