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    Default INFP- investigative careers

    Hi there - any input appreciated...

    I'm and INFP but I'm not cut out at all for traditional counselling/helping type jobs. I do know I like things that are investigative/diagnostic and that require creative thinking. I should have gone to medical school, but didn't get in back in the day, and unfortunately gave up trying. Now I'm too old (39) and looking for other options. I've worked in communcations for several years and hate it. It's boring and their is no research/investigative component. But I'm having trouble finding anything else.

    Any suggestions, or any advice from other NFs who aren't so in to the helping professions? I love to research, study, think, diagnose/problem-solve.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fairymouse View Post
    I love to research, study, think, diagnose/problem-solve.
    Sounds like fun to me! Not all INFPs are in helping professions...
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    im also not cut out for the normal helping others jobs. im a service tech for home security systems and i love it.

    PLENTY! to research and learn about especially if you want to progress into the commercial side of things, tons of problem solving even the same problems at 2 different places is rarely the same fix. your always working at a different place, you get to work alone away from the office and in a round about way you even help people, i thought that was a load of crap until i saw first hand the peace of mind a security system can bring to a family who has been victim to a B&E

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