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    Wow after reading a lot of the posts I determined that a lot of you have similar intrests when it comes to mates.

    *writes down in note pad*

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpottingTrains View Post
    Physical: She simply has to take pride in how she looks and wants to take care of herself. Though I have to say that I have an innate fear of girls with red hair. I swear it is the hottest thing ever and I know for a fact that I will fall for some red haired she-devil who will make me her man-slave for eternity.

    My ENFJ friend Taco adores redheads too. He married one and she pretty much owns him. *laughs* A happy sort of slavery, of course.
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    i don't have any specific physical preferences. probably not blonde, but that's more so bc i just hate hearing blonde jokes and blonde joke references. worse than presidential jokes.

    (re: non-blondes- and i belong in a northern climate, give me some clouds, some rain, force people inside so they have to read books and shit. i have to live in a place where the rain can be coming down against the window and i can lean up to it very symbolically gazing out in a perfect encapsulation of existential angst and tear drops falling from the eyes of the world. perhaps then i can put it up as my facebook picture!).

    stylization is very important. it shows what a person would look like if they were their own designer. i think that's fucking great.

    as is a healthy feminine body. people are always attracted to a healthy glow. i'm probably way more picky than i let on, i find when i'm high i look at people and see them for who they are more, each perspective adds more to the composite, i notice that sometimes i get caught up in too much nf idealism, like holding up a specific (and static!) image of thought and privileging that over all others. for me it holds true that the more people you become attracted to, appreciate, explore, etc, the more nuanced and open-ended you become at finding and discovering differences, subtlety, varied expressions of feminine expression.

    anima and animus are really captivating for me right now.

    i expect any girl i would be interested in to share my HEALTHY DISTRUST OF ADJECTIVES when it comes to picking a partner. there's so many ways to relate, support, inspire, incite, enchant. i see myself chasing women who inspire me, coming home to women who support me, and loving women who thaw me out, warm me up, love me back. i don't yet know how to balance these needs. but i do know i like/NEED to get at the heart of things, there has to be something privileged and treasured underneath to keep me engaged, deeply compassionate, humane, etc.

    there are a lot of ways for life to unfold and many of them are worthwhile, productive, and beautiful. so far i have not had great success with relationships, they've all been somewhat disappointing, highly disillusioning (which is good!), and terribly frustrating. but it is always interesting to see how life's test tubes respond when a new chemical is introduced into your little vat you call a life.

    oh, also- music. it's for me what religion used to be for people back when it was still relevant and the world was unscientific enough to allow for regional mythologies that could construct cultural truths and inspire deep and lasting faith (ideals, belief, etc).

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    Physical: Oh, just take care of yourself, that's what's important. Be healthy, be clean, have a nice smile. Actually brush your hair, haha.

    Emotional: Everyone I've ever fallen for has been warm, open, and completely trustworthy. I fall head-over-heels when a guy treats the people around him with respect; the bad-guy thing is overrated in my book. Kindness goes a long way. But since that's not quite "Emotional," I'll just say he must be at peace with himself. I don't want to deal with a guy's self-pitying drama.

    Mental: Read books! And know what I'm talking about when I quote old 80s references! Haha.

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