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    I'm not versed in science yet, but will be. I'm going to major in Exercise Science. I'm pretty excited about being immersed in it.
    Physiology. Kinesiology.
    Space sciences have interested me from afar, but it's hard to seek it out myself. I know a few people who would love to share information regarding it, but get silenced by other people who don't care.
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    I'm interested in biology, and even a bit in chemistry though I don't care for math. I have a very pedestrian interest in genetics. One of my sisters has a BS in Biology, and another sister majored in Biology but dropped out of college - they're both NFs.

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    I work in research, so I touch on all kinds of science all over the place. Most of my hard science experience is in space physics and electrophysics. Overall, though, I'm more into the soft sciences.. especially psychology, economics, linguistics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and neuroscience.

    I've also been into computer programming since I can remember, and my Ph.D. curriculum is about half computer science courses. However, I'm more interested in computer programming as a means to an end--playing around in software is an excellent way to see creative ideas and "what-if" scenarios come to life--not because I'm actually interested in algorithmic computer science in and of itself. Most of my interests happen to align with what many computer science courses touch on, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousFeeling View Post
    Are there any NFs here that like science? If so, which field of science interests you the most?

    I find areas in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space sciences very fascinating. In biology, I'm particularly interested in anatomy and physiology, genetics, botany, and evolution. Chemistry, I enjoy learning about biochemistry, organic chemistry. Physics, I like topics pertaining to wave and particle motion (i.e. sound, harmonic motion, electromagnetic spectrum), optics, and electrical circuits. Earth and space sciences, I like meteorology, astronomy, and plate tectonics.

    So what of the sciences did you find interesting in school?
    I'm a physicist (and electrical engineer). I think I'd find all areas of science interesting though. I just have this curiosity and want to know and understand them.

    The parts that interest me most are the ones that answer the big questions. Genetics and understanding who we are, how to build life. Astronomy and cosmology and understanding what is around us in the universe and how we ended up on some habitable planet in some small corner of it. Chemistry and seeing how things mix and combine. Physics and understanding what makes up everything at the fundamental level, how it all works. Biology and understanding the systems that make up the living world. Science rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by greed View Post
    I work in research
    To NF scientists
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    I find space science very fascinating, after that math is my second favorite. I also like history, physics, and chemistry. I have many interests.

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    Ecology-most fascinating and all encompassing, to my brain at the moment.

    Evolutionary Sciences

    Medical research science--very useful day to day... and genetics--powerful stuff

    also like nutrition, chemistry and toxicology

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    Quote Originally Posted by noigmn View Post
    and electrical engineer
    Me too! Then it turned out that I wasn't quite into the drill-down, dig-deep, overly-technical work that my TJ brethren thrived in. So I ended up gravitating to the exact opposite of that, getting into research and exploration and generalization and the big questions, stopping into systems engineering along the way. Broad-based research is just the kind of mindset I'm most comfortable with.


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    archeology when i was a child.
    but honestly i didnt really wan't to assemble bones to no end.
    i just wanted to imagine the dream of evolution, including human zeitgeists of the eras.
    including science fiction.

    science in school never interested me much.
    i could have liked biology, if it was presented in a less fragmented way.
    the idea of a fungus that is a connected intelligence ranging over a whole country is kind of fascinating.
    imagining osmosis is not unlike imagining cognitive functions or any dynamic.

    but understanding anything precisely according to a text book is fucking boring, no matter what topic it is.
    if you get creative and reinvent nature, improve it a little, in order make more sense out of the fragmentation which is left by a reductionist presentation, you will get bad grades. who needs that shit.

    i liked arts a lot and a little bit of architecture as a boring substitute for the invention of amazing mecha designs....

    i dig some neuroscience today and occasionally I try to stay ahead of the info about earth-changing inventions, from energy stuff to little gadgets. still all about evolution. google ftw

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    I have always liked science and math, but that was my father's side of campus, so I stayed on the other side.

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    Yep, biology is probably one of the things I'm most interested in, especially evolution and zoology . I also liked most of the school-level sciences. But, anything with too much math scares me :P
    4w5 sp/so/sx

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