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    What about going into a different avenue of nursing? Such as surgery or labor and delivery? It seems like there are a lot of different options for different work settings. I am planning on going into nursing, I haven't applied to the program as of yet, but I was thinking there were many different types of jobs to choose from. I hope you figure out what you need to do the be happy.
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    You know what people, don't make this an ENFP or NF thing. People need so desperately to be special it's pathetic. I asked the OP what does being NF have to do with this. It has nothing to do with anything. Trying to even create a connection between being NF and compassion fatigue is highly offensive to me and as far as I'm concerned it trivializes and invalidates experiences.

    ENFPs don't feel anything else another human being watching a loved one suffer doesn't feel or people who have chosen careers that confront death and mortality on a daily basis. Do some research before claiming some special feeling privileges. This is what I'm saying about the nature of compassion and empathy on this forum, is it's as false and fake and rendered meaningless

    And Mr. Awesome, to act like babysitting is on par with watching someone you love die is fucking insulting. Just be quiet if you have nothing relevant to say.
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    I don't really have any advice but I admire everyone in this thread who has experienced compassion fatigue, whether because of work or personal circumstances.

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