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    Really? Who was your ENFJ?

    I'm a little bit older, and a little bit wiser...I think the older the two are, the more compatible they become...just a matter of developing the tertiary function. I had very little Se, and Melissa, bless her heart, had very little Ni, but it was enough to where we totally gelled as friends.
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    My ENFJ was a friend of mine when I was 15 or 16. He had a gf and I had a potential bf at the time, but we were really close. Well we both ended up being dumped in a cheating fashion, so we clung to each other. We started to like each other, but as soon as he started flirting with me and trying to get intimate in that way, it felt weird to me. I liked him, but I figured that his main reason for coming to me was for comfort and the same for me. He ended up getting a concussion and forgot about me for two months .

    I just gave up on that and now after almost 3 years, we're good friends again. I don't believe we'll ever be more than that though. It's just too friendshippy.
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    It's just too friendshippy.
    Yupppp.... exactly why I could never be with my ISFP ex. All fluffy sweetness and nothing else left after that in our relationship. Yet he seemed to think he was heartbroken and in love with me that I "was the perfect girl in the entire world for him". Noppee...


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