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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    I'd like the chatting part of the job and the parts that require Fe. However, I think it could be an overload emotionally of being aware of all the staff and customers different feelings and balancing them. I tend to put on highest priority whoever is there and bothering me.
    I get overloaded emotionally at a lot of my jobs that involve working in groups, and meeting people's needs.
    That is why nursing is not for me. After 6 years as a nurse I cant do it anymore.
    I have had a mental breakdown...
    I am emotionally exhausted. I also cant work in therapy either...

    I think one on one is best for me. I don't know what the hell to do...

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    I waited table for about ten years.

    I was a fucking rockstar. It's a great way to pay the bills if you are a single mom in school.

    Initially any physical activity can be a bit hard for me to pick up as I cant remember things well. However once I have learned, I go into a mental map-my body has learned and become very graceful.

    The others servers said it looked like I was dancing for hours. Having things in my hands actually solidified where my hands end and made me feel more physically balanced. So while horrifically clumsy in real life, as a server, I very rarely dropped anything.

    Also the intense physical activity put me into a very focused mental space I didnt feel very forgetful.

    I learned to talk by waiting tables, as retarded as that sounds...I didnt understand how to interact w people at all, yet I very much wanted to. So I learned a few simple phrases-"how are you doing today?" "would you like more ice tea?" " would you like some rolls?" and then would load them up with incinerating Fi love and caring vibes.

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    Two of my best friends work as waitresses at this horribly racist Chinese restaraunt (they're the only two Caucasian employees). They work their ASSES off at that place, probably harder than anyone else there, while being harassed by the cooks. They try so hard to be helpful and friendly, which has brought a lot of their customers back. Waiters and waitresses work hard while dealing with customers' shit. They've both come home feeling beat down countless times from being harassed at work, by the staff and customers alike. I think these people deserve some fucking respect.

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    I'm a server and I realized that this is probably not the CAREER for me... I definitely get a lot of compliments for treating people like they are a million bucks but I can't tell you how many times I've skipped appetizer orders and went rite for the salad orders or forgot a glass of wine or this and that... the details and exigency of things needing to get done PRONTO kills me... I also am so tired of people that on my days off I hole myself up in a library for a couple days. I'd say its definitely an S job in my opinion... N's have the capacity to do this kind of work but I think it takes a LOT of conscious effort. Thank God I'm applying to grad school rite now or I'd be going nuts thinking this was going to be a career. But with jobs being the way they are... thankful to have it...

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