1. How did you start to reach a healthier you? Where did you begin?
I went from being practically suicidal thanks to health problems to very optimistic and energized towards the future.

2. Does it start with actions that you take, with beliefs that you hold, or both?
Umm both. I need to physically push myself to be physically healthy and to take upon creative and social habits that make me feel fulfilled. Beliefs are more like personal standards for myself.

3. What was the hardest thing about yourself to change? What has been the hardest part of this path?

Having the energy to manage it. I'm a perfectionist. Also, when I'm doing really great I become very persistent in trying to get the same results out of other people... thinking that it helps them to push them along the way but of course that rarely actually works.

4. What things did you realize as you started to change?
A lot of euphoria. That every moment can be bliss. Overflowing with ideas. That people cause most of their own misery and make lots of excuses.

5. What made you realize you wanted to, or perhaps needed to, try to reach a healthier you?
I've only had a period like this at one point in my life and it lasted a few years. I was in absolute misery, so I had little choice.

6. How did you truly know that you were changing for the better instead of just going backwards?
I actually saw a future ahead of me. Damn, pretty much everything.

7. How do you keep yourself from going backwards? What keeps you working towards a better you?

Too late. :P

8. What things are you still working on today?

I'm not good lately. Not depressed or sick, but in a slump for years. Final year of college sort of dashed my dreams and expectations thanks to horrible tunnel-vision professors and general burnout. It's followed me through for a few years. I've tried to get back to that point a few times now but I am so easily defeated in my attempts. I seem to be the sort of person who only has willpower if I'm at my most desperate.

9. What advice do you have for your fellow NFs whom are just beginning this path?

Don't force your ways on others. Don't expect people to understand your new perspective on things. It can be alienating at times.