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    I hate being/feeling bored to such an extent that I'll either all out refuse to, or begrudgingly do, what I deem to be boring, yet necessary-to-be-done tasks.

    When I am interested, intrigued and engaged, I am one happy camper.

    When I am uninterested, bored and detached, I am one sad duck.
    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    It seems like earlier in my life I was the sort of person that always had something going on... I never was truly bored because I could always throw myself into something else. Tons of extracurricular activities, etc... Now that I'm a 35 yo and a bit more settled, I suppose now all of my lack of boredom is because of so many responsibilities. I barely have time to sit down and think, "I'm bored." Plus with the internet, who could be now? You can find a forum like this and just talk about it. LOL

    ENFP here.

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    Of course everyone gets bored at times, but for the most part, I wouldn't say its a definite problem for me.

    I think this is more influenced by introversion and extroversion, personally.

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    i'm bored! someone come clean my house and entertain me a bit will ya.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    Sparked by but not to be confused with that other thread , I was wondering NF's, are you bored???

    I'm not asking if you think other people find you dull, I'm asking you do you find other people dull? Do you find the world dull? Are you easily bored? Are you currently in a lull? Do you need constant external stimulation? Do you always need a new person, a new project, a new problem to keep you interested? Do you find conflict exciting whether you are in it or observing? Are you the kind who is never bored either because you can amuse yourself, you like peace and quiet, or you always find 'the next new thing'? What do you need to feel engaged and not bored?

    These aren't exact questions I'd like you to answer, but just to get the ball rolling.

    Also, when you answer it would be helpful to share your type and throw out an age estimate and give examples... Also if you could share how you've changed (or not) since adolescence in this regard.

    Hope that's clear!

    And yes, non-NF's you are free to jump in, I like providing pleasant diversion to all types.

    omg yes... i feel bored a lot, especially lately--not in the typical sense because i always find something to do that at least somewhat piques my interest (if i didn't then i'd be a total mess), but in the sense that i feel like there's nothing really satisfying enough--nothing or no one really really interesting in my life right now, so yes, also, i'm currently "in a lull." constant external stimulation--sort of. i love some external stimulation, but i think, for me, it's more or less that i just need something or someone mentally stimulating or interesting. i find myself surrounded by lots and lots of S's right now (especially ST's--my family and extended family is full of them) and am having a hard time finding non S friends in this area for some reason. I feel very misunderstood and unfulfilled right now. do i always need a new person, project, or problem to keep me interested? yes and no. i do always need something interesting going on or happening from time to time, but i am okay with some constancy too (the I and the J I guess). Conflict exciting? no to that one. conflict drains me too much. i am technically the kind to be never bored (used to pride myself in constantly using that as a self-descriptor), but as much as i can always find something amusing to do, i still am feeling deeply unsatisfied (probably because i'm not getting in touch enough with my Fe with lack of friends right now?). i do greatly enjoy my peace and quiet, but i really do crave some excitement in my life too (which is hard, because excitement for me needs to be mental stimulation/interesting/at least somewhat new as well). as far as changing since adolescence, i don't know if it's because i've come out of my shell a bit since then or if it's just general life progress or situational differences, but in high school i was much less easily bored (maybe because i was lucky and had a lot of interesting friends in high school, less responsibility, and less mundane daily life crap and/or maybe it's that certain things just don't pique my interest the same way they did then--maybe i crave more complex or more deeply interesting things because what was new to me then is not new to me now, if that makes sense?) don't get me wrong though, when i say mental stimulation, i don't mean scientific/factual/whatever (though i do enjoy that type of stuff at times too) in the conventional sense of mental stimulation, i just mean i need either to have a really stimulating conversation with someone or goof off and laugh hysterically in an at least somewhat witty way (if any of that makes sense, lol).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silently Honest View Post
    Reading your blog it'd be hard to imgaine you as bored.
    The more bored you are the more you search for interesting things to think and do. Maybe being bored drives you to be unboring?
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    Yes I get bored, that is why you see me posting here when I am at the I need to do something every week, I cannot simply do nothing on weekends. I have stayed at home for 2 full days and it feels suicidal. Heck I would rather come in to work than sit at home and do nothing. I always need something or someone to keep my mind stimilated. However there are times when I don't want to do anything or see nobody for an entire day, but that doesn't happen too often.
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    I can honestly say that I very rarely get bored... I love time alone with nothing to do so that I can spend time in my world of dreams and fanatasy. I have an active imagination and I love to create worlds and characters in my mind.... wow I don't mean to give the impression that I have mental health issues though LOL
    ... couldn't drag me away

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    Boredom is my enemy! I am blessed with an active imagination and numerous hobbies and interests, so I can entertain myself for hours in a quiet environment. However, I easily get bored with the external world in the following situations:

    Having to attend to lots of mundane details (Can only do this for a short period before my mind wanders onto something more interesting).

    Repetitive, routine tasks (I'll find myself varying the routine as much as possible to maintain interest or redesigning the task entirely to make it more efficient).

    Listening to other people drone on endlessly about something mindlessly trivial, or in way too much detail (I'll tune them out to the extent that I no longer hear their voice at all).

    Waiting for other people/my computer to finish a task that should not be taking this long! (At this stage, I'll pick up a book or magazine to read, or wander away entirely).

    When I'm bored I become extremely distractible and unfocussed. Any distraction at this stage will be pursued vigorously (Oh, Look, A shiny object, must follow.....)
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    I get bored when things get routine. I live in a place I call boonieville, because, to me, it really is. It's boring- the houses are cookie-cutterish just people with no personalities. So corporate. I miss living in the ghetto. It was far more amuzing. A little dangerous, but interesting. Fun! (as long as people know how to watch their backs).

    Oh, and I also get bored of gossip and idle chit-chat. Been like that since I was a kid. That's why I find primetime soaps boring as hell. I don't really keep track of petty shit like that. The world is FAR more exciting and interesting for me to sit around and waste my time, so I usually pick myself up to find other better things to do.

    I can amuse myself real easily though. i find the most idiosyncratic things to laugh about, to enjoy. That keeps me sane. I find I need some kind of stimulation. I like thrill. I like loud music. I like change. I like spontaneity. I like differences. I like diversity. So, I go out and find it, which usually is when I get the hell out of the area. It's fun to pack up people in your car and just go for a ride to the next county!

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