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    Quote Originally Posted by StrappingYoungLad View Post

    I didn't, but my parents knew for example that I formed from pretty much nothing but atoms into what I am today. After death I will deform into whatever chemical substance bodies decompose.
    How did your parents find that out?

    I have no memories before the age of 4, my parents don't know what life is, so it follows that they don't know what death is. No one seems to know what life, and more specifically, consciousness are.

    Besides that, if you came from nothing, what's to stop you coming again?

    There's a strange form of "souls" amongst those who don't believe in an afterlife as well. As in order to absolutely have no afterlife, it cannot be possible to reform. So if the self is the brain, the brain has to be unique enough (possess a soul), that if current theories in physics are true, cannot come back over even the course of infinity.

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    I kind of wish I did. Something that struck me very hard yesterday was when a friend of mine was discussing this with someone, (she believes in afterlife and God) saying: "People always tell me to explore and look, and that's what I'm trying to do... Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who is exploring and studying, and others just assume these things can't be real. I think assuming is stupid, you always have to validate."

    I don't know why, but it got me. I've been thinking about these things for years, and am still as conflicted. There are two different sides to me arguing side by side, but I cannot reasonably make myself believe in afterlife. It just doesn't make sense.
    Yet I float to somewhere in my thoughts and navigate these things through what is not rational... But it remains a mystery to me nevertheless.

    But I guess that's the fun part. Sticking to something absolute with whatever validation (reason, feeling, whatever) just goes against my nature.

    When I was little I had this very vague idea of re-birth, but not in the sense like our souls would be reborn and a hinduism approach of karma etc... But more like in the style of "circle of life" kinda thing. Energy and something like that.

    I feel like beliving in something would probably ease my mind and make the passing of people I know personally easier to handle. But then again, why is it so hard for me to accept the end of somebody existing? Isn't the finale... Isn't ending a relief in itself. No more consciousness.

    But I do think, on some level, there are things beyond of what we're capable of perceiving, or maybe things that can be perceived, but in a very simple, rough, abstract, vague, (unconscious) manner, not in linear, clear and logical. It's a whole different way of seeing and looking and understanding perhaps, and I enjoy exploring, although it seems like I have no personal convictions of my own. Everytime someone says something or I read something I see so many sides in of what they're saying and am so amazed, it's hard to believe in absolutes and certainty.

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    I personally dont believe in an afterlife. I've heard arguments, but they are refuted by either my logic or intuition. When people say they saw 'a light', heard a 'voice' etc., it possibly suggests a sort of lucid, subconscious bordering conscious state. Or just plain dreaming from shock of being in a particular near-death situation and realisation of that experience.

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