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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren View Post
    I have a good INFJ friend who recently has gone through much the same thing with a couple of friends. She ended up talking with one friend about some issues and then the friend basically dropped her. The friendship was on the way out anyway, as far as my friend was concerned. It may help you to talk with her just to resolve some things in your own mind and then letting it go. In other words, not letting her response have bearing on your peace of mind but think of it as giving you information for future relationships. If she does hurt you/react badly, then you're free to let them go. That person is responsible for the consquences of their actions and should be left to reflect on them.
    That's good advice. It's kind of what I'm thinking of doing at the moment, though I've been back and forth. My main concern now is finding peace of mind, not rekindling a friendship which has all in all been rather damaging to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    Yes. I'd have to agree with this one. But it would really have to be something "extra special" to make an INFJ THAT angry with you.

    Usually in milder cases the initial reaction is the stare - THE STARE - where every particle of your being is disintegrated on the spot and then blown away. A few short but precise harsh words follow and then there's silence.

    Sometimes there are no words but you sure feel the wrath seeping out of every pore.

    After a while, when the initial anger had subdued and the incident that caused the anger is thoroughly analyzed, more lengthy discussions about how, why, when, where etc. commence. You'd better be prepared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Whatever she says...

    but it's soooooooooo boring...
    we fukin won boys

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    Sorry Nocaps - If you're gonna be friends or a SO to an INFJ you will be doing a lot of listening and analyzing after the fact!

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