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Thread: Mothers of NF's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Kat View Post
    ISFJ or ISFP. I think ISFP, because she's very emotional. I can't remember her ever being happy. She is too responsible, but she has many hobbies. She always tells we that she wants to go travelling to far countries. I tell her to do that, she tells me that she can't because she hasn't got time, I tell her to make time for herself and then she tells me that it's impossible. She's very negative. She loves romcoms, she really cares what others think about her and the rest of the family. She also thinks very negative about herself, she thinks she's ugly, stupid an boring, while she isn't. I feel bad for her.
    Sounds more ISFJ than ISFP.

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    I recently discovered my mother fitted the working definition of a narcissist.
    That should pretty much say it all, if any one is farmilar with narcissits.
    We don't talk, we never will again, apart from passing greetings and birthday wishes.
    She never understood me or what motivated me....
    It's like the final piece of my puzzle though, the last hurdle to deal with from my childhood,
    before my future's truly mine (it's mine already) much damage to repair, but I will no longer be a product of my mother's insecurities.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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    I dunno what type my mother is. But..

    1. She loves babies and kids. I don't think she intended to be a mother when she first became one.. but I'm sure she's happy she did. She put her life on hold for nearly 20 years to raise us before shooting for her dream job, which she got to do for a short while.
    2. She loves girly stuff. Dresses, make up, decorating the house, shopping, etc. She's like a pig in mud. We have wars constantly over when we can put up christmas stuff, because if she had it her way, it'd be up by August.
    3. She loves holidays. Lord forbid we don't dye Easter eggs for easter even though we're all grown adults now. I think she'd really kill me in my sleep if we didn't have a christmas tree decorated a week before christmas at the very latest. She's.... coming arround to Halloween But slowly. She likes the cuter decor, whereas I like the gorey, horrifying decor.
    4. She's a worrier. She spent nearly the entire time at the hospital with both my sisters while they were having their babies. Entirely unnecessary, but she did. She cried when I went to NEW JERSEY for training, before I left on deployment. The poor thing probably gave herself gray hairs about my enlisting into the army.
    5. She makes no logical sense sometimes. "Because I said so" "Because I like it", etc. are her choice phrases. She really liked those growing up. She still doesn't make any sense to me. We argue about things like portion sizes for meals because she'll sneak in and cook for an army when we're only feeding 3 people.
    6. She's awesomely supportive and open minded. If I had ever said "Mom, Im gay", "Mom, I'm really a man", "Mom, I wanna be an elephant when I grow up", I think she would have been a bit put off at first, but she would never have turned her back on me, and she'd be supportive of me.

    Although I am not like her at all personality wise.. I could think of no better person to raise me than her paired with my father. She gave me the room and the freedom to be my own person, and never much complained even though I knew it hurt her when I was looking for my identity growing up and distanced myself from her for a short while. We're close now. We talk all the time.. how much I let her into my life is limited, but it's limited in the same way it is for everyone, friends and family alike.. not because she's my mother or her in particular.
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    My mom is book case ISTJ. Hard working, responsible, accountant/finance, loves her job, precise. She has very high self esteem, good opinion o herself. She is also an enneagram 4, so she cares only about her emotions. She likes to make drama when something isnt about her. She likes to be alone a lot l, doesnt have a need for closeness only for socializing. She is quite social when she is "on". She is very neurotic and worries a looot about financial stuff, it gives her sense of meaning to escape fron her pain and aloneness. But she choses this emotionless life, likes to eat and watch tv all day when not working.

    because of our types and because she is emotionally blocked completely - we never bonded at all. I ak more okay with it now than before, but damn how itd be cool if i had enfp mom. Cant really imagine that

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