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    Quote Originally Posted by Gtzk View Post
    My perfect place would be something that reacts to how I feel at every turn.
    Wow, that sounds overwhelming, don't you think?
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    Wow, that sounds overwhelming, don't you think?
    You have it in this world, but it's only as overwhelming as you let it be. What I get to know, what I see and how I see is directly influenced with how I feel. And that's no matter what way I am emotionally connected or not. It's still an attachment at any given time.
    And thus my attachment will influence me.

    And life is overwhelming and a wonder to no end.
    This world is. And yet we live it, all in our own ways.

    But that's just me and my world. Plausibly not yours, although probable to be yours. Who knows? Not me.
    Open for interpretation.
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    Perfect place? A place where it's just me and an INFJ girl, dedicated to each other, cut off from the leeches and walking dead. Talking, curled up in bed, cuddling, held in a moment forever.

    The way I look at things is in moments of time, segments of life. Those scenes, although fleeting and far between, where you say, "I could live in this moment forever." I'd take one of those moments and stay there. An eternally existing moment of peace, tranquility, ecstasy, understanding. No escape, no desire to escape, only the desire to continue forward in that moment. Only the desire to let the present moment exist as it perpetuates on and on and on.

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    My place is well within a forest underneath a canopy of trees.
    The place is on a small clearing, infront of a waterfall.

    The house is structered like a cross-word puzzle in the three rooms down and four across, one up and two right kind of way,but 3D and two story. I think it is in the tree as well.

    There are themed rooms with vaulted ceilings and large windows, each different color schemes, but my favorite is the black room. Nothing but pillows and intimate lighting, a silver pillow with alchemy symbols on it(much like the rest of the things in the house) and the bath tub is a jaccuzzi.

    In addition to all of this, the lighting is customized to color with a touch of a button(and you can blend colors to make new ones!)
    Fluffy carpet that feels like clouds.
    I N V I C T U S

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    I would love to live in an area with beautiful old buildings that are well-preserved. Oh and there would be very little cars, most get around by walking/cycling/whatever. Reason being I kind of hate the noise and pollution cars give off. at least there should be enough walking space to get around without hearing all the honking and nonsense like that.

    The culture would be laid-back and artsy and there would always be interesting people to meet and interesting events to take part in. It would be a place where all types of people are accepted, kind of like a colourful tapestry of people (this is why while I think nature and all are nice, I'm a city girl at heart) The arts scene would be alive and thriving, especially theatre. I don't know why but I really love theartre. Its awe inspiring all the details and painstaking rehearsal that goes into a play.

    Oh yes, and I would love if it was animal friendly and I was allowed to bring my dog everyhwere

    (obviously, these criteria are all opposite from the place where I currently live.)
    I am an ENFP but I value justice over mercy.

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    Wow thank you so much for all the replies everyone. I really liked yours Gtzk - I am imagining being there and it feels wonderful. It's really interesting reading all these.

    What I am really thinking about is a place that doesn't exist. So I've just watched The Lovely Bones and I'm thinking about her inbetween world or maybe like the heaven on What dreams may come. So kind of a dream...maybe I'm asking What's your perfect dream? I'll try think of mine..

    -I'm outside. The sun is warm, there's a light breeze that lifts my hair. The air is fresh and smells faintly of wild flowers or something else.
    -There is no time or all time exists at once. I don't need to get anywhere or accomplish anything that won't already be.
    -Someone is waiting for me and me alone and I will find them in a moment - and it is certain so I don't need to worry.
    -The sky is changing sunsets and the clouds are morphing. The light becomes late afternoon because that's my favourite time. A warm breeze wraps around me and I move, maybe I run but I don't get tired.
    - I can hear others somewhere past the hills. All these others I know and immediatly feel warm towards them and glad that they are glad.
    -I reach an archway and a path extends beyond it. Trees line it and it is still inside except for petals falling down.

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    Atlantic Canada, especially Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
    The Swiss mountains (Heidi style).
    Any isolated farmland or log cabin.
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    A very small isolated place. Preferably outside but more importantly just a very tight fit and simple as possible. The only distractions are the sound of wind and leaves falling.

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